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E.g., 2017-03-25
E.g., 2017-03-25
€700 million for emergency support and Europol EPP Group in the European Parliament 13 Apr 2016 Justice & Home Affairs, Security
„LivingLand“: Unternehmen und Verbände fordern eine andere Agrarpolitik (NABU) NABU - NATURE AND BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION UNION 23 Mar 2017 Agriculture & Food
„Landwirtschaft 2030“ im Fokus der DLG-Mitgliederversammlung DLG 08 Feb 2017 Agriculture & Food
„Land & Genuss“: Ländlicher Hochgenuss in Dortmund DLG 15 Sep 2016 Agriculture & Food
„Land & Genuss“ in Dortmund: Ausflug ins Grüne DLG 20 Sep 2016 Agriculture & Food
„High-Tech“-Lösungen für das Feldversuchswesen (DLG) DLG 09 Feb 2017 Agriculture & Food
„DLG-Talk Tier“ auf der EuroTier 2016 DLG 14 Oct 2016 Agriculture & Food
“We need a shift in entrepreneurial culture and attitude in Europe”, says ACCA ACCA 09 Jan 2013 Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise
“Wanted: Wonder women to clean up Golden Boys’ mess” AER - Assembly of European Regions 22 Sep 2010 Regional Policy
“UP IN LIGHTS” in Brussels With All-Star Line Up Cable Europe - European Cable Communications Association 02 Mar 2012 InfoSociety
“TTIP must comply with European values and standards or it will fail”, say S&D Euro MPs S&D - Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament 03 May 2016 Euro & Finance, Global Europe, Trade & Society
“Towards the creation of a high-tech building industry. Turning energy efficiency into a sustainable business” Energy Efficient Buildings Association (E2BA) 03 May 2013 Energy, Sustainable Dev., Trade & Society
“Today is a good day for energy efficiency” EuroACE -The European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings 24 Apr 2009
“This is my future” – innovative campaign to support young entrepreneurs in Europe EACA - European Association of Communications Agencies 19 Sep 2012 Innovation & Enterprise
“The world has changed – reporting must too” - IIRC News Release ACCA 12 Sep 2011 Sustainable Dev.
“The time to show European solidarity and Governance is now!” CEEP - European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing public services 24 Feb 2009 Social Europe & Jobs
“The North Seas as the future energy pool of Europe” EUFORES - European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources 21 Jun 2013 Energy, EU Priorities 2020
“The European Parliament will become more transparent and efficient” say S&Ds S&D - Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament 13 Dec 2016 Global Europe, Justice & Home Affairs
“Telecoms empower EU citizens’ lives” ETNO - European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association 12 Jan 2016 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
“Smart Move”: doubling the use of collective passenger transport in the EU IRU - International Road Transport Union 03 Dec 2009 Transport
“Setting the EU agenda for the digital consumer” ANEC - The European Consumer Voice in Standardisation 18 Mar 2010 InfoSociety
“Services of General Interest in the re‐launched Single Market and Governance of Local Enterprises in Europe” CEEP - European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing public services 23 Sep 2010 Social Europe & Jobs
“Renewables and energy efficiency markets: a way out of the economic crisis? Europe needs to set clear and reliable signals towards sustainable growth” EUFORES - European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources 20 Jun 2012 Energy
“Politicians Have to Toughen up on Tax Havens” ZEW 12 May 2016 Euro & Finance, Justice & Home Affairs
“pharma package” adopted particular needs of non-prescription medicines recognised AESGP 10 Dec 2008 Health & Consumers
“Organic wine”: European experts hold discussions in Brussels on the challenges and opportunities facing this new product and on Copa-Cogeca 05 Nov 2008 Health & Consumers, Agriculture & Food
“On track for a sustainable future” EIM presents its vision for the future of transport EIM - European Rail Infrastructure Managers 02 Oct 2009 Transport
“OmniBUS” blueprint to facilitate sustainable mobility IRU - International Road Transport Union 21 Oct 2009 Transport
“NSFR Would Have Potential Constraining Impact on Covered Bond Markets” EMF - European Mortgage Federation 11 May 2016 Euro & Finance, Trade & Society
“No, no, no . . . there's no limit!” ANEC - The European Consumer Voice in Standardisation 29 Sep 2009 Health & Consumers


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