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E.g., 2014-08-28
E.g., 2014-08-28
SME finance leaders must get “intimate” with day-to-day business ACCA 25 Aug 2014 Euro & Finance
Policymakers warned of persistent risks as accountancy bodies publish five-year ‘health check’ of the global economic recovery ACCA 01 Aug 2014 Euro & Finance
Investors’ views on South African integrated reporting highlight some concerns and make calls for improvements ACCA 31 Jul 2014 Euro & Finance
Review of the balance of competences in the UK: ACCA reiterates its support to a coherent comprehensive and well-functioning EU Single Market ACCA 23 Jul 2014 Euro & Finance
Investors expect auditors to read the whole of the annual report ACCA 22 Jul 2014 Euro & Finance
Stop prioritising payment of bank debts over investment in social rights GUE/NGL 17 Jul 2014 Euro & Finance, Global Europe
Implementing the New European Accounting Directive: Making the right choices ACCA 16 Jul 2014 Euro & Finance
Lithuania fulfils all the criteria to adopt the Euro EPP Group in the European Parliament 16 Jul 2014 Euro & Finance, Europe's East
ACCA enjoys strong performance and is determined to build on successful year ACCA 15 Jul 2014 Euro & Finance
OECD report highlights necessity of financial literacy amongst young people, says ACCA ACCA 11 Jul 2014 Euro & Finance, Education
'British exception' from EU financial rules cannot be allowed to fly THE GREENS/EUROPEAN FREE ALLIANCE 10 Jul 2014 EU Elections 2014, Euro & Finance, UK in Europe
ACCA announces 2014 Simpson Scholarship winners ACCA 10 Jul 2014 Euro & Finance
EBF to host discussion on international accounting standards EBF - European Banking Federation 07 Jul 2014 Euro & Finance
EBF reacts to EU Parliament President Schulz’s call for more lending by banks EBF - European Banking Federation 04 Jul 2014 Development Policy, Euro & Finance
An integrated approach to Sustainable Growth CEEP - European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing public services 04 Jul 2014 Euro & Finance, Social Europe & Jobs, Sustainable Dev.
Renzi must unshackle himself from the chains of defunct economists GUE/NGL 03 Jul 2014 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
Transformation challenges greater than ever for global finance functions ACCA 23 Jun 2014 Euro & Finance
Research reveals multi-billion dollar promise of untapped Supply Chain Finance ACCA 19 Jun 2014 Euro & Finance
International Financial Reporting Standards - ACCA offers feedback on the IASB’s Post Implementation Review ACCA 17 Jun 2014 Euro & Finance
Purchasing power of EU workers rising, despite limited collectively agreed pay increases Eurofound 12 Jun 2014 Euro & Finance
EC’s investigation on corporate income tax ACCA 11 Jun 2014 Euro & Finance
Reporting to investors on natural capital is vital to demonstrate management of, and impact on, scarce resources ACCA 11 Jun 2014 Euro & Finance
The EU's Reform Cycle in FOCUS Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies 11 Jun 2014 Euro & Finance
ACCA welcomes new ECB measures to ease credit constraints on small businesses and intensify preparatory work on securitized loans purchase ACCA 06 Jun 2014 Euro & Finance
European banks remain fully committed to financing economy, fostering growth EBF - European Banking Federation 09 May 2014 Euro & Finance
Wim Mijs appointed as Chief Executive of European Banking Federation EBF - European Banking Federation 09 May 2014 Euro & Finance
Instinctif Partners Opening Zurich Office Instinctif Partners 09 May 2014 Euro & Finance, InfoSociety, Public Affairs
Council buries FTT THE GREENS/EUROPEAN FREE ALLIANCE 07 May 2014 Euro & Finance
EBF calls for courage to recognize financial transaction tax damages economy EBF - European Banking Federation 07 May 2014 Euro & Finance
A Banking Union for an Unfinished EMU Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies 30 Apr 2014 Euro & Finance


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