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E.g., 2017-02-23
E.g., 2017-02-23
ZEW: Schüler-Wirtschaftsgipfel YES! startet bundesweit ZEW 16 Feb 2017 Euro & Finance, InfoSociety
Roaming: wholesale price cap must be lower than retail price EPP Group in the European Parliament 25 Jan 2017 Global Europe, InfoSociety
TRUSTe / EDAA research shows digital advertising self-regulatory programme continues to improve consumer attitudes towards interest-based advertising EDAA - European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance 13 Jan 2017 InfoSociety
New e-Privacy Regulation: Telcos call for a customer-friendly and innovation-ready approach ETNO - European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association 10 Jan 2017 InfoSociety
Digital Health Week and COCIR eHealth Summit COCIR 15 Dec 2016 Health & Consumers, InfoSociety
Postal Operators React to the New VAT Proposal for Cross-Border E-Commerce PostEurop 13 Dec 2016 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
Copyright: we must better pay our authors and creators EPP Group in the European Parliament 12 Dec 2016 InfoSociety, Languages & Culture
ACEA/CLEPA position on access to vehicle data jeopardises competition, innovation and consumer choice Insurance, dealers, automotive aftermarket, leasing and consumers coalition 12 Dec 2016 InfoSociety, Transport
Europe’s Financially Excluded: 33% are employed & 35% are aged 18-34 MasterCard 12 Dec 2016 Euro & Finance, InfoSociety
‘Sustainable Business Exchange’: a virtuous cycle for EU business Huawei 06 Dec 2016 InfoSociety
Wholesale roaming: Council ready for talks with EP Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU 02 Dec 2016 InfoSociety
Council discusses progress of negotiations on the Parcel Delivery Proposal – European postal operators look to the Council to recognise the competitiveness of the parcels market PostEurop 02 Dec 2016 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
Europe and US reconcile strong anti-terror approach and respect for privacy ECR Group - European Conservative and Reformist Group 01 Dec 2016 Global Europe, InfoSociety
Automotive Industry joins forces on access to vehicle data CLEPA - European Association of Automotive Suppliers 01 Dec 2016 InfoSociety, Transport
Together for a progressive Digital Europe S&D - Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament 30 Nov 2016 InfoSociety
Tech students present Digital Manifesto to EU decision makers Huawei 29 Nov 2016 InfoSociety
S&Ds push for an ambitious wholesale cap reduction to abolish roaming charges in June S&D - Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament 29 Nov 2016 InfoSociety
New report from DITTA underlines its commitment to cybersecurity DITTA - Global Diagnostic Imaging, Healthcare IT & Radiation Therapy Trade Association 21 Nov 2016 Health & Consumers, InfoSociety
E-commerce and Parcel Delivery – Three innovative SMEs and PostEurop discuss how to deliver the physical part of the Digital Single Market PostEurop 16 Nov 2016 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
High-quality mobile broadband services for all Europeans EPP Group in the European Parliament 10 Nov 2016 InfoSociety
EU moves forward to improve access to websites for people with disabilities S&D - Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament 26 Oct 2016 InfoSociety
Europe needs harmonised rules to protect whistle-blowers - EN/FR S&D - Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament 20 Oct 2016 InfoSociety, Security
Is healthcare ready for the 4th industrial revolution? MedTech Europe 03 Oct 2016 Health & Consumers, InfoSociety
37 leading companies join forces in European Automotive-Telecom Alliance to launch connected and automated driving project CLEPA - European Association of Automotive Suppliers 30 Sep 2016 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise, Transport
FinTech boom needs strong guidance to navigate regulatory hurdles, finds ACCA ACCA 29 Sep 2016 Euro & Finance, InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
S&Ds propose lower inter-operator roaming charges to ensure affordable phone prices for all S&D - Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament 20 Sep 2016 InfoSociety
European Commission releases Copyright and Telecom rules: end of Europe’s digital single market ambitions? CCIA 15 Sep 2016 InfoSociety, Trade & Society
The Commission must deliver the “roam-like-at-home” policy we all promised, say S&Ds S&D - Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament 09 Sep 2016 InfoSociety
The European Chemical Employers Group calls for a sector-specific approach to anticipate change European Chemical Employers Group (ECEG) 07 Sep 2016 InfoSociety
Automation of the Working World: Digitalisation Boosts Labour Demand in Europe ZEW 27 Jul 2016 InfoSociety, Social Europe & Jobs


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