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Removing restrictions on travel to and within the EU: Business Aviation urges European governments to collaborate closely

30 June 2020, Brussels. As Europe prepares to reopen on 1 July, the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) today urged governments in the EU and the EFTA Member States, and the United Kingdom, to lift travel restrictions in a carefully coordinated manner.

EU steel safeguard decision could nip European steel recovery in the bud

Brussels, 30 June 2020 – IndustriAll European Trade Union and the European Steel Association (EUROFER) have reiterated their deep disappointment at the EU’s decision to not adjust the tariff-free import quota for steel in the light of the collapse in EU steel demand. The steel sector had called for significant, short-term changes to the EU steel safeguards to preserve the industry during this pandemic-induced economic downturn.

Open Letter to Airline CEOs: We consumers want to help you, but you need to adhere to the law and allow easy refunds.

Dear Airlines CEOs of the World,


„Europäische Mindestlohninitiative muss Priorität der deutschen EU-Ratspräsidentschaft werden!“

In vielen EU-Staaten - darunter auch Deutschland - sind die Mindestlöhne nicht existenzsichernd und liegen auf einem Niveau unterhalb der Armutsschwelle. Dies ist das Ergebnis einer im Auftrag der Delegation DIE LINKE im Europaparlament und der EP-Linksfraktion GUE/NGL erstellten Studie, die heute vorgestellt wurde: 'Zwischen Armutslöhnen und Living Wages: Mindestlohnregime in der Europäischen Union'.

IQVIA Institute Scorecards show biosimilar medicines offer win for patients, policymakers and healthcare systems across Europe

Brussels, Belgium

"Now active crisis management is required"

 Clear focus on economic upturn necessary

·       Create a coordinated crisis mechanism to protect the internal market

·       Set the course for open trade policy: finally conclude EU-China investment agreement

·       Ensure free trade between Great Britain and the EU

France Local Election_European Left President Heinz Bierbaum "Only the unity between the left and ecological/green forces can trigger a social and ecological transformation"

The European Left (EL) congratulates the French Communist Party, all its members and volunteers for this important electoral success at the second round of the 2020 municipal elections. From today the Communist Party will be a protagonist in the new coalitions and majorities that will rule the cities of Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Poitiers, and Nancy.

Next steps for corporate governance: event discusses sustainability, boards and investment

ACCA was a proud partner of the 25th European Corporate Governance Conference, organised virtually by EY 

Free Osman Aslan!

Düsseldorf, 26. Juni 2020

Free Osman Aslan!

ChargeUp Europe keeps growing - welcoming evway as its newest member

ChargeUp Europe is delighted to announce its newest member, evway by Route220. With evway joining, the Alliance has further expanded its geographic reach to Italy and Southern Europe.

ChargeUp Europe founding members Allego, ChargePoint and EVBox have now been joined by GreenWay, Fastned and evway. The Alliance is going from strength to strength as it works to shape EU policy for EV charging infrastructure, the EV market and the green economic recovery.


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