All plastic should be recyclable and recycled in the near future, say S&Ds

Strasbourg, 16 January 2018

Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament today welcomed the Commission’s strategy to reduce plastic waste. In line with S&D efforts to promote a transition to a circular economy - where all products are designed to be either recycled, re-used or remanufactured-they will push for an even more ambitious proposal when the strategy is debated in the European Parliament.

Kathleen Van Brempt, S&D vice-president for sustainability, said:

S&Ds promote a declaration to support the peace process in Colombia

Brussels, 16 January 2018

Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament have promoted a declaration, co-signed by the United Left (GUE) and the Greens, to support the Colombian peace process.

At the request of the S&D Group, the plenary today debated on Colombia. However, the EPP and ALDE did not allow for an official resolution to be adopted, and this is why the progressive groups in the Parliament adopted a joint declaration*.

S&D vice-president for foreign relations and human rights, Elena Valenciano MEP, said:

S&Ds want strong measures to ensure that oceans contribute to a sustainable development

Strasbourg, 16 January 2018

The oceans, which cover three quarters of the earth’s surface, are our strongest allies against climate change. As stated by the UN during the Paris Climate Summit, they play a vital role in the global climate system, generating oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
That is why the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament today supported a report calling for strong measures to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

New SME project on protective equipment and textile care standards

Brussels, January 2018 – Small Business Standards (SBS) is pleased to announce a new sectoral approach aimed at better understanding and meeting standardisation needs for those SMEs which manufacture, distribute and maintain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), that are products the user can wear or hold, in order to be protected against hazards either at home, at work or whilst engaging in leisure activities. The sectoral approach also includes hygiene and sterilisation services for medical devices like reusable OR textiles.

Handelsverband Deutschland - HDE

Enrico Prandini is new CECE President

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