More ambition is needed to close the gender pay gap, say S&Ds to Commission’s EU Action Plan

Brussels, 20 November 2017

European Parliament marks World Children's Day by launching dialogue with children




“The Europe We Want” at centre of today's debate* between children and young people, MEPs, European Commissioner and other high-level representatives

Brussels, 20 November, 2017: Children and young people from across Europe will today join members of the European Parliament under the auspices of its President, Mr. Antonio Tajani for a debate on the theme of “the Europe We Want.”

The Week Ahead from the ECR Group in the European Parliament - 20th November - 24th November 2017

Closing a criminal records loophole
The European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS) allows police and security organisations across the EU to quickly share details of offenders. However, it remains difficult to access information on the criminal records of third country nationals. A report by British ECR MEP Dan Dalton being presented to the LIBE Committee on Monday aims to close this loophole by establishing a separate database.

EURELECTRIC announces partnerships for sustainable energy with SEforALL and UNHCR

Brussels, 17/11/2017

EURELECTRIC and UNHCR announce partnership to offer sustainable and clean energy to refugees

Brussels, 17/11/2017

The EPP needs to respect the independence of the maltese judiciary

Brussels, 17 November 2017

In response to a press statement made by EPP Group on  the 16 November 2017 entitled “Revoke arrest warrants and provide Russian whistleblower with protection - David Casa”, about the position of Ms Maria Efimova, the Russian whistleblower in the Pilatus case, the Maltese delegation* in the S&D Group said:

“The statement is nothing but an attempt at meddling with the rule of law in Malta.  

The European Consulting Company

Major multi-country research shows the different positive impacts of Entrepreneurship Education

If half of the entire student population had practical experience of setting up a company while still in school, what would be the individual and wider societal impact? This is just one of the questions addressed by the Innovation Cluster for Entrepreneurship Education (ICEE).

Celcaa, Copa and Cogeca and FoodDrinkEurope call for comprehensive EU-UK trade deal

Brussels, 16 November 2017. Trade in agri-commodities and food and drink products represents 11% of bilateral trade flows between the EU27 and the UK. As a consequence of Brexit, unprecedented challenges and a high level of uncertainty prevails. With this in mind, the three key food chain partners call for specific measures to mitigate as much as possible any negative impact on the sector as a result of Brexit.

These include:


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