Improving instead of only managing - the EU needs fresh priorities

Frankfurt, April 19, 2018 

The EU must secure its future through reforms and set fresh priorities. The debate on this must be held now. The mechanical engineering industry not only wants to set an example against EU scepticism and populism, but also wants to show where Europe can do more than it does today. The VDMA is therefore expanding its initiative #europeworks to include new topics under the motto "Promoting Europe" (

Selmayrgate: Time for the Commission to pull their heads out of the sand

MEPs have today backed a resolution likening the actions of the Commission to a coup, in an appointment process that saw Martin Selmayr named Secretary General of the European Commission in an unprecedented double promotion that was shrouded in secrecy.

APEAL welcomes formal adoption by European Parliament of the Circular Economy Package

APEAL (the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging) has welcomed the formal adoption today by the European Parliament (EP) of the Circular Economy Package (CEP) after more than two years of negotiations.    

Make them say what they pay - European Council must finally act for tax transparency of multinational companies

The S&D Group today demanded that the European Council explains its failure to prepare a position on laws that will ensure corporate tax transparency for multinational companies in Europe. The public Country-by-Country Reporting (pCBCR) Directive has been blocked for over two years by several member states who protect the interests of big multinational tax evaders. The obligation to make public their profits, tax to pay, paid tax and number of employees for each country in which they operate, will hold the biggest companies in the world and all governments to account.

S&Ds take the lead in the EP on reaching out to Iraq

The S&D Group conducted the first official parliamentary delegation from the EP to Iraq since previous legislatures. During a two-day mission, the S&D members visited Fallujah, which was recently liberated from the rule of the terrorist organisation Daesh, and they met with local authorities and representatives from the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) responsible for demining and rebuilding of the area.

S&Ds tighten up rules to prevent another Dieselgate scandal

In response to the Dieselgate scandal, which had revealed serious loopholes in the system set up for approving and surveilling new cars, the Socialists and Democrats had taken the lead in tightening up the rules to better protect consumers and the environment, and restore faith in the car industry. The European Parliament will today debate and tomorrow vote on the new robust rules the S&D Group was instrumental in bringing about.
Speaking ahead of the debate, Christel Schaldemose, MEP and S&D negotiator on type-approval, said:

Is EU’s waste package making a step towards a Circular Society?

All commercial actors handling WEEE should report, in the same way producers do and treatment standards for WEEE should be mandatory for all parties.
The significant efforts of home appliance manufacturers in Europe, represented by APPLiA, to reduce environmental impacts across products, services and operations under the Waste Electrical and

Migration is a global issue - EU must support UN work on global rules

The European Parliament today backed a resolution supporting the work of the United Nations to create compacts on safe, orderly and regular migration and on refugees.
S&D Group vice-president responsible for migration, Tanja Fajon said:

S&Ds: the Selmayr scandal was a disgrace for all EU institutions. Commission must adopt new, more transparent, rules by September 2018 and reassess the post

Following today's vote in plenary, where an overwhelming majority has approved a compromise resolution on the integrity policy of the Commission, in particular the appointment of the Secretary-General of the European Commission, the S&D Group underlines its deep disappointment with the method used and calls on the Commission to not only come up with new more transparent rules by the end September 2018, but also to reassess the post.


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