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EDMA - European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association

EDMA, the European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association is the trade association that represents the In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) industry active in Europe.

EMBL - European Molecular Biology Laboratory

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory, one of the world's top research institutions, is dedicated to basic research in the molecular life sciences. EMBL is funded by public research monies from 20 member states - Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and an associate member state, Australia.

Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (KBV)

S&D Group achieved binding transparency rules for financial industry on the sustainability of investments

The European Parliament voted today to confirm the agreement on an ambitious report on implementing transparency and disclosure reporting on the sustainability impact of financial products. The S&D Group took the lead on this file and succeeded on several key issues, including a more transparent approach on remuneration policies. Under the new rules, banks, insurance companies and pension funds will for the first time have to make visible how they include environmental, social and governance risks in their decision making process.

Conservatives and liberals block vote on coordination of social security systems that would have been beneficial to millions of mobile workers! The S&Ds fight goes on

Today, the conservatives and liberals showed their true face by killing the last chance for this European Parliament to make any real progress towards a social Europe. They blocked the vote on new updated rules on social security coordination, including unemployment benefits, long-term care and family benefits, as well as better rules for posting and applicable legislation.

European Parliament approves measures to protect workers and crackdown on letterbox companies in the EU

The European Parliament today backed new rules governing how companies relocate offices between EU member states. The S&D Group ensured that these new rules will stop companies artificially moving to another member state to avoid taxes or social legislation.
S&D MEP and chief-negotiator for the European Parliament for the company mobility rules, Evelyn Regner, said:

S&Ds say: EU Commission wake up! Endocrine disruptors must be regulated to protect citizens’ health

Today, the European Parliament has once again stood up for citizens’ health and the environment. In the motion for resolution approved in plenary, we have launched a clear message to the European Commission: it is no longer acceptable letting citizens be exposed to endocrine disrupting chemicals - substances found in daily life products such as food packaging, clothing, cosmetics, children's toys and crops grown with certain pesticides.

At last, lorries will also contribute to lowering CO2 emissions, say S&Ds

Heavy-duty vehicles produce around 6% of total EU greenhouse gas emissions, and the EU will soon enforce a new legislation aiming at drastically reducing these emissions. Today the European Parliament backed a deal reached with the Council that aims to reduce 54 million tonnes of CO2 reduced by 2030 and to incentivise the zero and low-emission vehicles in a technology-neutral way.

If Brunei’s inhuman new stoning law is enforced, EU should impose tough sanctions

At the initiative of Socialist and Democrats, the European Parliament condemned today Brunei’s new penal code which made adultery and gay sex punishable by death from stoning, and allows for the amputation of limbs for theft. 
The resolution adopted by overwhelming majority calls for consideration of sanctions such as asset freezing and visa bans in the event of implementation of the Sharia penal code.

Former Maltese President elected President of European children’s rights network

(17 April 2018, Brussels) Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, Former President of Malta has been elected President of Eurochild, a children’s rights advocacy network with 176 members in 34 countries. The elections took place during the meeting of the Eurochild General Assembly held in Brussels today.


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