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industriAll Europe

Company Description

IndustriAll European Trade Union represents 6.9 million working men and women across supply chains in manufacturing, mining and energy sectors across Europe. IndustriAll Europe aims to protect and advance the rights of these workers.

The federation of trade unions also aims to be a powerful player in the European policy arena vis-à-vis European companies, European industries, employers’ associations and EU institutions.

Trade unions affiliated to the European Metalworkers’ Federation (EMF), the European Mine, Chemical and Energy Workers’ Federation (EMCEF) and the European Trade Union Federation for Textiles, Clothing and Leather (ETUF:TCL) joined forces on 16 May 2012 to create the industriAll European Trade Union.

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Press Releases of this organisation

Irresponsible management at GFG Alliance/Liberty Steel is putting strategic European steelmaking at risk industriAll Europe 06 Feb 2024 InfoSociety
EU Commission paves the way for a stronger EWC Directive industriAll Europe 24 Jan 2024 InfoSociety
IndustriAll Europe launches Call to Action urging policymakers to prioritise good industrial jobs in the face of unprecedented challenges for industry industriAll Europe 21 Nov 2023 Social Europe & Jobs
EU and U.S. trade unions call for agreement on clean steel worldwide and oppose low cost 'dirty' steel industriAll Europe 18 Oct 2023 Sustainable Dev.
Industrial trade unions united for stronger collective bargaining industriAll Europe 03 Feb 2023 Social Europe & Jobs
Gas sector report calls for new momentum towards a Just Transition industriAll Europe 26 Jan 2023 Energy, Social Europe & Jobs
Europe must act now – Create the framework for European industrial solidarity to tackle the energy crisis industriAll Europe 15 Dec 2022 Energy, Social Europe & Jobs
Industry in crisis! Europe must step up! industriAll Europe 01 Dec 2022 Social Europe & Jobs
Italian trade unions plan protest action against announced end of production activities at Wärtsilä plant in Trieste industriAll Europe 05 Sep 2022 Social Europe & Jobs
Delivering the Just Transition for automotive workers: coalition of trade unions, environmentalists and industry present their common call for action in a joint briefing event industriAll Europe 02 Dec 2021 Social Europe & Jobs
Industrial workers across Europe are mobilising for a Just Transition industriAll Europe 25 Oct 2021 Social Europe & Jobs
Fit for 55 package: not yet fit for Europe’s industrial workers industriAll Europe 15 Jul 2021 Climate & Environment
Safran and industriAll Europe reach a European agreement on the development of skills and safeguarding of career paths industriAll Europe 08 Jun 2021 Social Europe & Jobs
IndustriAll Europe elects its leadership team for 2021 - 2025 industriAll Europe 03 Jun 2021 Social Europe & Jobs
European Airbus workers call for a truly European recovery strategy and oppose forced redundancies industriAll Europe 23 Mar 2021 InfoSociety
IndustriAll European Trade Union and IndustriALL Global Union call for Justice and Solidarity in the Fight against COVID-19 industriAll Europe 01 Feb 2021 Social Europe & Jobs
EFBWW and industriAll Europe deeply concerned about opinion industriAll Europe 18 Dec 2020 Social Europe & Jobs
European Maritime Technology Sector: rescue plan needed to save the industry and its workers industriAll Europe 10 Dec 2020 Social Europe & Jobs
Investing in a swift recovery – investing in the future of the European industrial basis industriAll Europe 07 Dec 2020 Innovation & Enterprise
Aerospace: skills policy must be part of a wider European recovery plan for the sector industriAll Europe 16 Oct 2020 Social Europe & Jobs
European Steel Action Day: steel workers called to action on 1 October! industriAll Europe 28 Sep 2020 Social Europe & Jobs
European Council deal welcome but there’s little to celebrate for Europe’s industrial workers in the small-print industriAll Europe 22 Jul 2020 Social Europe & Jobs
Alstom & Bombardier workers demand guarantees for their future during an extraordinary European Action Day industriAll Europe 16 Jul 2020 Social Europe & Jobs
Les travailleurs de Alstom & Bombardier exigent des garanties pour leur avenir à l’occasion d’une journée d’action européenne extraordinaire industriAll Europe 16 Jul 2020 Social Europe & Jobs
Connecting people, disconnecting workers: Nokia’s disastrous strategy must stop, now! industriAll Europe 07 Jul 2020 Social Europe & Jobs
Nokia: connecting people, disconnecting workers industriAll Europe 08 Jul 2020 Social Europe & Jobs
Airbus announce 15,000 job cuts industriAll Europe 03 Jul 2020 Social Europe & Jobs
EU steel safeguard decision could nip European steel recovery in the bud industriAll Europe 30 Jun 2020 InfoSociety
IndustriAll Europe, Ceemet, ACEA, CLEPA, CECRA and ETRMA call for an ambitious recovery plan for the automotive sector industriAll Europe 26 May 2020 Social Europe & Jobs
COVID-19: the EU needs a collective response and workers must be protected industriAll Europe 16 Mar 2020 Health & Consumers, InfoSociety



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