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E.g., 2017-08-23
E.g., 2017-08-23
"Le résultat électoral au Gabon est très peu crédible", disent les sociaux-démocrates européens S&D - Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament 31 Aug 2016 Public Affairs
"L’Europe doit défendre les valeurs universelles de Liberté - Égalité - Fraternité face au terrorisme" Gianni Pittella/Pervenche Berès (English below) S&D - Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament 15 Jul 2016 Security
"MEPs - veto SWIFT! Don't support big brother's little sister" - Bisky GUE/NGL Group in the EP 11 Feb 2010
"OSH Management System: A tool for continual improvement at Camfil Farr" CAMFIL 21 Apr 2011 Health & Consumers, Energy, Climate & Environment
"Proposals on corporate tax transparency are good but not good enough" say S&D Euro MPs S&D - Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament 12 Apr 2016 Euro & Finance, Justice & Home Affairs
"Refugees are an opportunity for our society not just a challenge" say S&Ds S&D - Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament 05 Jul 2016 Social Europe & Jobs, Justice & Home Affairs, Trade & Society
"Schengen finished without a European Border and Coast Guard", Guy Verhofstadt - Ping pong game shuffling refugees between countries must stop, says Group Leader of the European Liberals and Democrats - ALDE - Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe 16 Dec 2015 Global Europe, Security
"Taking Stock of Public Private Partnerships and Concessions in Europe: Are they value for money?" ACCA 08 Feb 2012 Euro & Finance
"The journey to the future is a European railway open to all" EIM launches Annual Report at European Railway Award 2010 EIM - European Rail Infrastructure Managers 08 Feb 2010 Transport
"The Way out of the Crisis. How Europe can save the world" ALDE - Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe 12 May 2009 EU Priorities 2020
"Wake up, EU-Turkey deal will not save us", Verhofstadt ALDE - Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe 13 Apr 2016 Europe's East, Justice & Home Affairs
"We must tackle social dumping to renew citizens' trust in the European project" say S&Ds - EN/FR S&D - Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament 13 Jul 2016 Health & Consumers, Social Europe & Jobs
"We share your priorities and will support you" GUE/NGL President tells Cyprus GUE/NGL Group in the EP 04 Jul 2012
#BREXIT50: EUROPE’S INFLUENCERS RANKED BY EURACTIV EURACTIV 30 Nov 2016 EU Priorities 2020, Global Europe, UK in Europe
#EFIB2016 – Glasgow, Scotland hosts EU’s leading conference on industrial biotech and the bioeconomy EuropaBio 19 Oct 2016 Social Europe & Jobs, Sustainable Dev., Trade & Society
'Clean Energy for All' is best delivered by energy renovation of buildings EuroACE -The European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings 30 Nov 2016 Energy, Climate & Environment
'Greece is in the right hands, Europe is in the wrong hands' PES - Party of European Socialists 03 Mar 2011 Euro & Finance
'Online learning programmes reach wider audiences and boosts financial literacy' says ACCA at UNCTAD 14 in Nairobi, Kenya ACCA 22 Aug 2016 Euro & Finance, Global Europe, Education
(DIE LINKE.) Für eine Friedensunion: Nein zur militärischen Supermacht EU - PM MdEP Sabine Lösing, MdB Christine Buchholz, MdB Andrej Hunko DIE LINKE. im Europaparlament 22 Nov 2016 Global Europe, Justice & Home Affairs
(zum 6.6.) NABU zu 30 Jahre Bundesumweltministerium: Mehr Nachhaltigkeit in allen Ministerien nötig NABU - Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union 02 Jun 2016 Climate & Environment
- Will Meyer, GUE/NGL MEP, nn Honduras: "Step up international pressure otherwise the worst scenario, a bloodbath, is expected" GUE/NGL Group in the EP 06 Jul 2009 EU Priorities 2020
.eu Celebrates Fourth Anniversary EURid 02 Apr 2010 InfoSociety
.eu confirms its media partnership with EurActiv for the .eu Web Awards 2015 EURid 01 Jul 2015 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
.eu is greenest Internet extension in Europe EURid 22 May 2012 Climate & Environment, InfoSociety
1. Internationaler Tag für gleiches Entgelt des Europäischen Parlaments: CESI fordert gerechte Vergütungen CESI - European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions 23 Feb 2009 Social Europe & Jobs, EU Priorities 2020
10 million visits to Europass CEDEFOP - European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training 18 Mar 2008 Education
10.000 refugee and migrant children missing: ALDE demands answers ALDE - Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe 21 Apr 2016 Justice & Home Affairs
100 000 Euro compensation for private investor protection ALDE - Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe 14 Feb 2011
100,000 Syrians trapped between ISIS and Turkey “It is a scandal that we close our eyes to this humanitarian crisis to save a dirty deal with Turkey.”, Guy Verhofstadt ALDE - Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe 18 Apr 2016 Justice & Home Affairs, Regional Policy
100th Anniversary of the International Women's Day: Equality between women and men must be our priority. Mariya Nedelcheva MEP EPP Group in the European Parliament 09 Mar 2011 Social Europe & Jobs


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