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Covid-19 having significant impact on the world’s auditors

The impact of Covid-19 is already having a significant impact across the audit profession and public practice leaders finds research from ACCA Covid-19 global survey: inside business, impacts and responses

COVID-19: TIC Council alerts about the increasing number of non-conform imported PPEs, medical devices and fake certificates.

Brussels, April 28, 2020: TIC Council warns buyers from industries, municipalities or public institutions of rapidly emerging fraud trends related to procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical devices in short supply during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Global report reveals cross sector experiences of Covid-19

The future viability of smaller firms has been brought into sharp focus as the pandemic continues, finds ACCA’s research report Covid-19 global survey: inside business, impacts

VDMA: Rapid opening of borders crucial for the restart of the economy

Frankfurt/Brussels - 24.04.2020 – Thilo Brodtmann, Executive Director of VDMA, comments on thedebate about the gradual phase-out of corona measures:

Facts and Myths on Probiotics #1

The results of several studies point out that the use of selected strains of probiotics, certain prebiotics and specific combinations thereof (synbiotics), can support the immune system.

By the numbers: the home appliance industry in 2018-2019

The goals of a climate-neutral Europe are one step closer. In 2018 and 2019, the home appliance industry is on record as reporting significant trends in favour of a better and cleaner future for the region. This growth pattern is being severely jeopardised by the global challenge posed by COVID-19, that is requiring all possible efforts in place to be overcome. A trend that, however, the home appliance industry wants to keep feeding, in the interest of all Europeans and of the environment.

EASEE-gas adapts its mission and structure to embrace change

EASEE-gas steers in new direction with a focus on diversified membership, greater participation of members and new innovative services for the gas sector.

EHPM & SME united call on the EC to stop the clock

EHPM and SMEunited highlighted to Commissioner Kyriakides and the Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis the difficulties companies in the food supplements sector are facing due to the Covid-19 pandemic and urged the Commission to "stop the clock" of consultations involving stakeholders.


COVID-19 Exit, Recovery & Transformation

As we are entering into a new phase of the pandemic, the exit of the current confinement measures and a comprehensive recovery plan are the subject of discussion. Representing the employers of the tech & industry sector with more than 17 million direct jobs, Ceemet propose one single plan that covers it all: exit, recovery and transformation of industry.

Get the exit right

Response of the PGE Capital Group to the public consultation on the European Climate Law Regulation


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