Press Releases of this organisation

FoodDrinkEurope supports Netherlands Presidency Roadmap on Food Product Improvement FoodDrinkEurope 22 Feb 2016 Agriculture & Food
FoodDrinkEurope supports a circular economy approach FoodDrinkEurope 02 Dec 2015 Agriculture & Food, EU Priorities 2020, Climate & Environment
Latest data & trends in the European food and drink industry FoodDrinkEurope 07 May 2014 Health & Consumers, Trade & Society
Europe’s food chain partners working towards more sustainable food systems FoodDrinkEurope 29 Apr 2014 Health & Consumers
Food industry calls for an EU Industrial Policy for food to boost its competitiveness on the Single Market and worldwide FoodDrinkEurope 06 Dec 2012 Trade & Society, Agriculture & Food
Fifth FoodDrinkEurope Nanotechnology Dialogue focusses on achievements and omissions in the introduction of the technology in the food chain FoodDrinkEurope 19 Oct 2012 Agriculture & Food, Innovation & Enterprise
FoodDrinkEurope - Europe's Food and Drink Industry: A Manifesto FoodDrinkEurope 18 Oct 2012 Agriculture & Food
Social Partners of the European Food and Drink industry relyon a sustainable, competitive and innovative CAP reform FoodDrinkEurope 27 Jul 2012 Agriculture & Food
FoodDrinkEurope’s first SME President, Jesús Serafín Pérez, reconfirmed for incoming term FoodDrinkEurope 06 Jul 2012 Agriculture & Food
Against backdrop of Rio +20, Europe’s food operators stress environmental sustainability commitments in ‘Vision towards 2030’ FoodDrinkEurope 26 Jun 2012 Sustainable Dev.
FoodDrinkEurope calls for agreement at second reading on outstanding technical issues, on foods for particular nutritional purposes (PARNUTS) FoodDrinkEurope 18 Jun 2012 Agriculture & Food
FoodDrinkEurope publishes 2011 Annual Report FoodDrinkEurope 13 Jun 2012 Agriculture & Food
FoodDrinkEurope launches Environmental Sustainability Vision Towards 2030 ahead of Rio+ Summit FoodDrinkEurope 05 Jun 2012 Sustainable Dev.
FoodDrinkEurope welcomes official publication of EU-wide list of approved health claims FoodDrinkEurope 16 May 2012 Agriculture & Food, Health & Consumers
Data & Trends of the European Food and Drink Industry 2011 FoodDrinkEurope 30 Apr 2012 Agriculture & Food
Europe’s food industry remains committed to promoting healthy choices on World Health Day FoodDrinkEurope 10 Apr 2012 Agriculture & Food
Europe’s food and drink industries reassert commitment to sustainable water management on UN World Water Day FoodDrinkEurope 22 Mar 2012 Agriculture & Food
FoodDrinkEurope welcomes European Parliament’s ENVI Committee vote on health claims FoodDrinkEurope 21 Mar 2012 Health & Consumers, Agriculture & Food
FoodDrinkEurope calls for ENVI Committee support for Article 13 list of permitted health claims FoodDrinkEurope 15 Mar 2012 Agriculture & Food
FoodDrinkEurope welcomes Parliament approval of the agricultural agreement between the EU and Morocco FoodDrinkEurope 16 Feb 2012 Agriculture & Food, Med & South
FoodDrinkEurope: Yes to 'Innovating for Sustainable Growth: A Bioeconomy for Europe' FoodDrinkEurope 13 Feb 2012 Agriculture & Food
European Parliament says no to consumer communication about nutrition changes to foods FoodDrinkEurope 02 Feb 2012 Agriculture & Food, Health & Consumers
Food operators: Negative vote from ENVI Committee MEPs on revised Nutrition Claims list is bad for consumers and for business FoodDrinkEurope 01 Feb 2012 Agriculture & Food
European Social Partners EFFAT and FoodDrinkEurope launch European Social Dialogue in the Food and Drink Industry FoodDrinkEurope 23 Jan 2012 Agriculture & Food
Time to tackle food wastage: FoodDrinkEurope welcomes EU Parliament report FoodDrinkEurope 20 Jan 2012 Agriculture & Food
EU promotion policy central to the food industry’s competitiveness FoodDrinkEurope 16 Dec 2011 Agriculture & Food
Communicating environmental performance to strengthen sustainability and the long-term competitiveness of Europe's food chain FoodDrinkEurope 08 Dec 2011 Agriculture & Food
Food industry calls for a stronger Europe, and a strong Single Market, to boost its competitiveness FoodDrinkEurope 06 Dec 2011 Competition, Agriculture & Food
FoodDrinkEurope position on additional, discriminatory taxation on food & drinks FoodDrinkEurope 06 Dec 2011 Health & Consumers, Agriculture & Food
Horizon 2020: FoodDrinkEurope calls for a more innovation friendly environment in Europe FoodDrinkEurope 30 Nov 2011 Agriculture & Food



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