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EU agri-food chain warns of ‘growing risk’ of no UK-EU trade deal FoodDrinkEurope 04 Jun 2020 Agriculture & Food
Urgent support needed for hospitality-tourism sector in COVID-19 crisis FoodDrinkEurope 12 May 2020 Agriculture & Food
FoodDrinkEurope appoints new Public Affairs Director FoodDrinkEurope 08 Jan 2020 InfoSociety
Brexit: EU agri-food chain representatives welcome the deal and call for a swift ratification FoodDrinkEurope 18 Oct 2019 Agriculture & Food, Brexit
Circular Plastics Alliance’s Declaration FoodDrinkEurope 20 Sep 2019 Agriculture & Food, Global Europe, Climate & Environment
FoodDrinkEurope acknowledges the adoption of the Single Use Plastics Directive in Plenary FoodDrinkEurope 27 Mar 2019 Climate & Environment
FoodDrinkEurope publishes 15th edition of industry-wide Acrylamide Toolbox FoodDrinkEurope 21 Mar 2019 Agriculture & Food
One month to go: FoodDrinkEurope warns of dramatic implications of a no-deal Brexit FoodDrinkEurope 28 Feb 2019 UK in Europe
Let’s step up to the plate: Europe’s food and drink industry launches its priorities for the EU Institutions FoodDrinkEurope 25 Feb 2019 Public Affairs
FoodDrinkEurope launches Sustainable Packaging Roadmap for the food and drink industry FoodDrinkEurope 10 Oct 2018 Agriculture & Food
FoodDrinkEurope welcomes adoption of UN General Assembly’s political declaration on the prevention and control of NCDs FoodDrinkEurope 27 Sep 2018 Agriculture & Food
The ETP ‘Food for Life’ publishes its 2018 Implementation Action Plan FoodDrinkEurope 14 Jun 2018 Agriculture & Food
FoodDrinkEurope Statement on single-use plastics FoodDrinkEurope 28 May 2018 Agriculture & Food, Climate & Environment
FoodDrinkEurope welcomes the launch of EU discussion on FOP nutrition labelling FoodDrinkEurope 19 Apr 2018 Agriculture & Food, Health & Consumers
Food & Drink Industry celebrates 25th Anniversary of the Single Market FoodDrinkEurope 22 Mar 2018 Agriculture & Food, Trade & Society
Europe’s Food & Drink Industry celebrates successes of Single Market in new campaign FoodDrinkEurope 19 Feb 2018 Agriculture & Food, Trade & Society
Implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals FoodDrinkEurope 10 Jan 2018 Agriculture & Food, Sustainable Dev.
Joint FoodDrinkEurope – FDF statement on the progression of Brexit negotiations FoodDrinkEurope 13 Dec 2017 Agriculture & Food, Global Europe
FoodDrinkEurope welcomes the finalisation of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement FoodDrinkEurope 11 Dec 2017 Agriculture & Food, Global Europe, Trade & Society
Joint FoodDrinkEurope – FDF statement on Brexit negotiations FoodDrinkEurope 01 Dec 2017 Agriculture & Food, UK in Europe
Food & Drink industry calls for pan-EU, competitive and well-funded CAP FoodDrinkEurope 29 Nov 2017 Agriculture & Food
“Small Scale, Big Impact” Europe’s Food & Drink industry calls for a policy framework to support SMEs FoodDrinkEurope 20 Nov 2017 Agriculture & Food, Social Europe & Jobs
Celcaa, Copa and Cogeca and FoodDrinkEurope call for comprehensive EU-UK trade deal FoodDrinkEurope 16 Nov 2017 Agriculture & Food, UK in Europe
Food & Drink Processors also exposed to Unfair Trading Practices (UTPs) FoodDrinkEurope 16 Nov 2017 Agriculture & Food, Trade & Society
Joint FoodDrinkEurope - AIM Statement on alleged “dual quality” of food products FoodDrinkEurope 13 Sep 2017 Agriculture & Food
FoodDrinkEurope calls for an ambitious Future of Europe FoodDrinkEurope 11 Sep 2017 Agriculture & Food, Trade & Society
FoodDrinkEurope welcomes Council conclusions to contribute towards halting the rise in childhood overweight and obesity FoodDrinkEurope 16 Jun 2017 Health & Consumers
Together for More Balanced Diets: Europe’s Food & Drink industry calls for joint action on balanced diets FoodDrinkEurope 23 May 2017 Agriculture & Food, Health & Consumers
EU Waste legislation: For a resource-efficient, circular economy for the European food and drink value chain FoodDrinkEurope 19 Jan 2017 Agriculture & Food
FoodDrinkEurope welcomes new nutrition labelling rules in the EU FoodDrinkEurope 13 Dec 2016 Agriculture & Food