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FoodDrinkEurope - Europe's Food and Drink Industry: A Manifesto


18 Oct 2012


Agriculture & Food
Europe’s food and drink industry has played a major part in the lives of European citizens for generations. As the largest manufacturing industry in the EU, with an annual turnover of almost €1 trillion and directly employing more than 4 million people, the food industry is firmly embedded in Europe's social, cultural and economic fabric.
Europe’s food and drink manufacturers aspire to long-term goals in areas such as employment, competitiveness, innovation, health and sustainability. Europe’s food and drink manufacturing industry commits to continue to operate as a major economic asset and catalyst for growth in the European economy by:
1. Continuing to produce safe food and drink which is nutritious, tasty and affordable, for Europe’s citizens
2. Encouraging innovation and sustainable production methods, and safeguarding the diversity of Europe’s food industry and its cultural heritage
3. Contributing to a holistic, harmonised, and science-based food regulatory framework which will boost industry competitiveness by 2020[1], leading to a comprehensive industrial food chain policy for Europe
4. Playing a leading role in the food chain efforts to promote balanced diets and healthy lifestyles for Europe’s citizens
5. Securing smart, green growth on the path towards a greener economy both in Europe and worldwide[2]
6. Using available resources efficiently
7.Reinforcing the social role that Europe’s food and drink industry plays, both in terms of employment and as a generator of local wealth
8. Encouraging access to a secure supply of safe, high quality, competitively priced and sustainably produced agricultural raw materials
9. Promoting fair competition along the food supply chain to the benefit of Europe’s citizens
10. Increasing market access opportunities for Europe’s food products
11. Maintaining and enhancing industry competitiveness through increased productivity
By ensuring sustained growth, even in times of crisis, our industry is a major contributor to the strength and resilience of Europe’s economy. Thus, our industry will make every effort to fulfill this engagement to enhance trust in our industry, working in a transparent manner. This said, our ability to ensure success depends also on the partnerships and constructive collaboration of our politicians, NGOs, scientists and the media, amongst others. We need decision-makers who show courage and demonstrate leadership, and we need supportive partners, to unlock the necessary levers for growth for Europe’s food and drink industry and Europe’s citizens in the years to come.
Over the next decades, Europe's food industry will further expand its efforts to add value to European citizens' lives, to our economy and to our position on the global stage. We will continue to shape the economic, social and cultural life of Europeans, leading the way towards sustainable, inclusive growth in line with the EU2020 goals.

(1)Via the work of the EU High Level Forum for a better functioning food supply chain:

(2)Via the implementation of the FoodDrinkEurope Environmental Sustainability Vision towards 2030: