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Company Description

Camfil Farr is a global manufacturer of air filtration equipment and associated services and the world leader in the production and development of air filters.  They recently became the first manufacturing company in the UK to be awarded Energy Management Standard BS EN 16001.

Press Releases of this organisation

Camfil wins air conditioning product award for their low energy air filters at HVAC industry awards CAMFIL 21 Apr 2011 Health & Consumers, Energy, Climate & Environment
"OSH Management System: A tool for continual improvement at Camfil Farr" CAMFIL 21 Apr 2011 Health & Consumers, Energy, Climate & Environment
Sustainability Live 2011 - Camfil teams up with BSI to deliver Keynote session: Early Success of BSI Kitemark and Energy Reduction Verification CAMFIL 09 Jun 2011 Energy, Climate & Environment
Camfil Farr Low energy air filter shortlisted for prestigious HVAC industry award CAMFIL 20 Jul 2011 Energy
Camfil Farr UK becomes the first Gold Sponsor of Clean Air in London CAMFIL 06 Sep 2011 Climate & Environment, Health & Consumers
Camfil Farr publishes Sustainability Report 2010-11 CAMFIL 07 Sep 2011 Climate & Environment, Energy, Sustainable Dev.
Camfil Farr’s position on Ecodesign directive on EUP – Lot 6 Air conditioning and ventilation systems CAMFIL 30 Sep 2011 Climate & Environment, Health & Consumers, Energy
Clean air in Place Luxembourg? CAMFIL 20 Oct 2011 Sustainable Dev., Health & Consumers
First in Malaysia, Camfil Farr obtains ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems certification CAMFIL 08 Dec 2011 Climate & Environment, Energy
Air pollution from diesel engines exhausts causes cancer. What consequences for Indoor Air Quality? CAMFIL 18 Jun 2012 Health & Consumers
Experts request Commission to take immediate action on indoor air quality CAMFIL 21 Feb 2013 Climate & Environment, EU Priorities 2020, Health & Consumers
Brussels, 5 June 2013 – Camfil at Green Week 2013: “There is only one air: better indoor air for better health” CAMFIL 05 Jun 2013 Climate & Environment, Health & Consumers, Sustainable Dev.


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