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Sustainability Live 2011 - Camfil teams up with BSI to deliver Keynote session: Early Success of BSI Kitemark and Energy Reduction Verification


09 Jun 2011


Climate & Environment

In 2010 Camfil Farr became the first manufacturing company to achieve BS EN 16001 and the first company in the world to join BS Energy Reduction Verification Kitemark scheme. Earlier this week (24 – 26 May 2011) Bill Wilkinson, Managing Director of Camfil Farr and Chris Lewis Certification Director of the BSI group, came together at the Sustainability Live 2011 convention at the NEC Birmingham, to provide visitors with a better insight into the BS EN 16001 energy management standard, while conveying the benefits of the BSI Kitemark scheme for all organisations and the REAL results that have been achieved by Camfil.

The BS EN 16001 standard introduced to the UK in 2009 was developed by the European Commission, to support the government and other organisations to improve energy efficiency. The standard aims to help organisations, who are already taking action to manage to energy use and reduce consumption.

Mr Lewis explained the BS EN 16001 in its simplest form as, “providing a formal framework and structure for managing energy through a set of requirements.”

The standard which has been built on initiatives that are already in place, follows Deming’s (1) Plan (2) Do (3) Check and (4) Act approach, which is already widely used across a number of management systems.  “In following this approach the BS EN 16001 standard provides a framework for organisations to identify significant energy aspects, set objectives and targets relating to energy performance and put procedures in place for delivering against objectives.”

Mr Wilkinson added that BS EN 16001 is the only standard to address cost savings, commenting that “Saving money is of huge importance to all budget holders in private and public sector, the penny has finally dropped; saving energy and reducing co2 emissions equals saving some money.”
“In any energy intense organisation this should be seen as a new profit.”

The two then went on to discuss the importance and benefits of the BSI Kitemark energy reduction verification scheme, and how it works in perfect harmony with BS EN 16001. Mr Lewis described the BSI Kitemark scheme as tool ‘to help organisations prove energy reduction’. The BSI Kitemark is the first scheme that is based on the best practice of BS EN 16001. It allows organisations to manage and realise all opportunities for energy reduction on an on-going basis. It requires organisations to demonstrate effective management by verifying over 3 years.

Mr Lewis said: “Camfil Farr was the first organisation in the world to join the scheme and are a prime example of how advantageous the scheme can be.”
Mr Wilkinson said: “the BSI Kitemark scheme provides lots of solutions and support to help implement energy management system and improve performance.”

“Camfil have saved over 40% in energy consumption over 3 years, which is an accumulated saving of £200,000. This has truly been a master stroke for our organisation.”

“The Kitemark stamp of approval has made a real impact on our suppliers; the BSI not only shows compliance but adds real value to our organisation. Already we have won awards for our energy management and energy efficiency. It was a pleasure to be highly commended at this year’s Environment and Energy awards for our continued commitment to energy efficiency.”