Company Description

AEGPL is comprised of 24 national LPG associations, representing the main European LPG suppliers, distributors and equipment manufacturers. In order to ensure its participation in the promotion of LPG at the international level, AEGPL is a member of the World LPG Association (WLPGA).

With the support of its working groups of industry experts, AEGPL is actively involved in concrete initiatives and programs to ensure the safe, efficient and sustainable development of LPG in Europe.

AEGPL's missions:

  • To identify and monitor European energy, environment, taxation and research policy and any other EU initiatives having an impact on the LPG industry.
  • To engage in an ongoing dialogue with the European Commission, Council and Parliament to ensure that the sector's initiatives and proposals are consistent with the needs and objectives of the EU
  • To develop best-practices and standards related to LPG conducted in cooperation with ISO (International Organization for standardization), CEN (European Committee for standardization) and the United Nations (Economic Commission for Europe).
  • To promote and enhance the LPG industry's image in the eyes of key European, international and national authorities and other institutions and organizations able to influence the energy market in Europe.
  • As an active and engaged EU stakeholder, AEGPL participates in a wide range of stakeholder consultations and conferences, and enjoys productive bilateral cooperation with a vast array of partners representing the EU institutions, other trade associations, NGOs and the press.


Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL)
Communications Assistant (Internship)
European Green Party
ISS Institutional Shareholder Services
Corporate Governance Research Analyst (PL native)
Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR)
Action Plan Communications & Coordination Officer
European Students' Union
Financial Officer
European Affairs Consulting Group
Administrative and Communication Officer
Commissariat général à l'égalité des territoires - CGET
Coordinateur-trice (réglementation, gestion, contrôle des programmes)
European Medicines Verification Organisation (EMVO)
Commercial & Partner Management Intern