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Autogas to Play Larger Role in Europe’s Fuel Mix


14 Apr 2011



27th January 2011: The European Expert Group on Transport Fuels, established by the European Commission last March, has highlighted that automotive LPG, also known as Autogas, could move from 3% of the road transport fuel mix today to 10% by 2020.

The Expert Group’s report, published on 25 January, notes that “LPG is currently the most widely used alternative fuel in Europe” adding that “the core infrastructure is established, with over 27,000 public filling stations”. Given this already existing presence, Autogas is well-placed to act as a bridge to help ease Europe’s transition to a more sustainable transport model.

Looking to 2050, the report also concludes that bio-LPG is expected to emerge, a development which will further reduce the carbon-footprint of Autogas while also enhancing the security of Europe’s energy supply.

Explicitly referring to the decarbonisation of transport, the report states more generally that “alternative fuels such as electricity, hydrogen, biofuels, synthetic fuels, methane or LPG will gradually become a much more significant part of the energy mix.”

In response, Alain De Grève, Director General of the European LPG Association, said “We commend the hard work of the Expert Group and the conclusions that it has delivered. AEGPL and its members will continue to work with policy-makers at European, national, and local level to help achieve the potential of Autogas and the corresponding benefits to society.”

AEGPL is the sole representative of the LPG industry at European level, representing 24 national LPG Associations as well as distributors and equipment manufacturers from across Europe.
Our mission is to engage with EU decision-makers and the wider policy community in order to optimise the contribution of LPG – as a clean and immediately available energy source – can make to meeting Europe’s energy and environmental challenges.

For more information, please contact AEGPL’s Communications Manager, David Appleton at or +32 2 893 11 27.