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AEGPL publishes the 2013 edition of its Autogas Roadmap, highlighting the significant growth of Europe’s leading alternative fuel


11 Jun 2013


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10th June, 2013: AEGPL, the European LPG Association, has released the 2013 edition of its Roadmap ‘Autogas in Europe, the sustainable alternative’. The Roadmap presents the potential of Autogas (automotive LPG), already the leading alternative transport fuel in Europe, to contribute to the achievement of the EU’s objectives in the fields of environment, public health and energy security. It also shows the significant growth that Autogas has seen across Europe during the past 5 years.

Since the publication of the first edition of the Roadmap in 2008, Autogas in Europe has seen considerable developments:

  • The number of Autogas-fuelled vehicles on European roads has risen from 7 million to more than 10 million (for the EU 28, Norway, Turkey and Switzerland);
  • Some countries have seen a particularly significant increase: the number of Autogas-fuelled vehicles increased by 75% in Italy, while it more than doubled in Germany;
  • Thanks to continued investments from the Autogas sector, the filling stations network rose from 31 000 to over 38 000;
  • Autogas now represents close to 4% of the European road transport fuel mix for passenger cars.

More generally, as a clean fuel with negligible pollutant emissions and a lower carbon profile relatively to petrol and diesel, Autogas has a significant role to play in achieving Europe’s air quality and climate change goals. Autogas offers advantages in economic terms as well, as an immediately available and cost-effective alternative for European consumers it can contribute to Europe’s energy security and competitiveness.

The Roadmap is underpinned by a scientific study undertaken by TM Leuven, which demonstrates that in a scenario where Autogas reaches 10% of the transport fuel market in 2020, it would deliver important benefits: 350 million fewer tons of CO2 emissions, over €20 billion in saved external costs due to reduced emissions, €7 billion added to Europe’s balance of payments, and a more diversified transport fuel mix.

AEGPL’s General Manager Samuel Maubanc said “This Roadmap clearly highlights the significant benefits Autogas can bring as an alternative fuel, as well as offering a policy-toolbox at the disposal of European, national and local policymakers to allow Autogas to reach its full potential.” He added “In the context of the Commission proposal for a Directive on the deployment of alternative fuels, this Roadmap is a timely reminder that not all alternative fuels suffer the extensive market failures that we often see. Autogas is clearly an immediately available transport solution the European driving public has taken to               .”


For further information, please contact AEGPL’s Communications Manager David Appleton at or AEGPL’s General Manager Samuel Maubanc at

AEGPL is the sole representative of the LPG industry at European level, representing national LPG associations as well as distributors and equipment manufacturers from across Europe. Our mission is to engage with EU decision makers and the wider policy community in order to optimise the contribution that LPG as a clean and immediately available energy source can make to meeting Europe’s energy and environmental challenges. For more information visit



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