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European Left

Press Releases of this organisation

France Local Election_European Left President Heinz Bierbaum "Only the unity between the left and ecological/green forces can trigger a social and ecological transformation" European Left 30 Jun 2020 InfoSociety
Brexit: no answers to the most important questions European Left 31 Jan 2020 InfoSociety
European Left feels the Bern! European Left 08 Feb 2020 InfoSociety
The European left must meet the challenge of the climate emergency, and the crisis in our society and democracy European Left 19 Dec 2019 InfoSociety
EL: Statement on the Aachen Treaty by Gregor Gysi European Left 22 Jan 2019 Global Europe
European Left: Gregor Gysi calls for a Referendum on the European minimum wage European Left 20 Sep 2018 Social Europe & Jobs
European Left: Für ein Europa der Solidarität, der Offenheit und der sozialen Wohlfahrt European Left 12 Jul 2018 Social Europe & Jobs
European Left: Statement Gregor Gysi on Greece European Left 22 Jun 2018 Euro & Finance, Med & South
Party of the European Left: Vernunft statt Gewalt! European Left 16 Apr 2018 Global Europe
Every day is Women’s Day European Left 08 Mar 2018 Trade & Society
Statement Gregor Gysi Ex-President Lula European Left 25 Jan 2018 Global Europe
Statement on Turkish Bombardment in Northern Syria European Left 19 Jan 2018 Europe's East, Med & South
Statement in Support of the Tunisian People’s Protests against the Austerity Measures of the Tunisian Government European Left 15 Jan 2018 Euro & Finance, Global Europe, Security
Aggravation instead of Reconciliation / Verschärfung statt Versöhnung European Left 06 Dec 2017 Global Europe, Languages & Culture, Security
Missed Opportunity / Vergebene Chance European Left 30 Nov 2017 Development Policy, Global Europe


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EASO - European Asylum Support Office
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