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Solidarity and support to the democratic forces facing Erdogan's intimidations in Turkey


01 Apr 2021


Global Europe

The European Left forcefully condemns the attempt to hack the fundamental rules of democracy made by Erdogan’s administration, and expresses its solidarity and support to all the progressive forces who fight for a more democratic Turkey, the protection of women and respect of human rights.

"The intimidatory attitude that Erdogan's administration keeps holding is unacceptable. Within the last ten days, Turkish authorities have gone against the Council of Europe’s Istanbul Convention on violence against women, and have attempted to ban the third-largest party in Turkey's Parliament – the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP)" - says Heinz Bierbaum, President of the European Left.

"We are deeply concerned about Erdogan actions aimed to dismantle the principles of parliamentary democracy, undermining the rule of law, and targeting civil society organizations for political ends" – continues Bierbaum - "European leaders must react to this ongoing attack on human right in Turkey and the attitude openly anti-democratic of the Erdogan administration".

"The European Left forcefully condemns those intimidations and those acts carried against democratic and progressive forces in Turkey. We express our solidarity to all progressive activists and in particular with HDP, and our support to the ongoing struggles for a more democratic Turkey" - concludes Bierbaum