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European Left feels the Bern!


08 Feb 2020



“At a time when right-wing populism is globally on the rise, Bernie Sanders is a candidate giving hope to the people in the U.S. and to the left in general. The vision he presented is one of ambitious progress for the many’’ says Heinz Bierbaum, the European Left President, in a statement expressing his support for the 2020 presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders.

“By proposing egalitarian solutions like Medicare for All, putting greater emphasis on labor rights or supporting the Green New Deal legislation, Sanders proves, that he values the wellbeing of people over the corporate interest. He is not afraid to sharply challenge the neoliberal status quo. The phenomenon of #FeelTheBern has deep roots: the growing inequality and the decline in the living conditions of the majority of the population make people look for new answers. Bernie was never just a candidate, his campaign was a movement, galvanizing millions and offering hope across the globe. Furthermore, a democratic socialist candidate isn’t Democrats standard bearer: The vote was a bitter blow for establishment favorite Joe Biden. None of the other Democratic candidates offers the kind of transformative policies Bernie does. He is the only candidate whose strategy aims to redistribute power and wealth in American society” adds Heinz Bierbaum.