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CEN (European Committee for Standardization) and CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) are European Standardization Organizations, recognized by the EU and EFTA, which bring together the National Standards Bodies (CEN Members) and National Electrotechnical Committees (CENELEC Members) of 33 European countries. CEN and CENELEC develop and adopt European Standards and other types of technical documents that set out specifications and procedures in relation to a wide range of processes, materials, products and services. They cooperate with the European Commission to develop and adopt harmonized standards and other deliverables that support the implementation of EU policies and legislation (in accordance with EU Regulation 1025/2012).

Press Releases of this organisation

Standards shaping the future of energy CEN and CENELEC 26 Mar 2010 Climate & Environment, Energy, Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
CEN and EUROCAE strengthen their collaboration on the safety and efficiency of air traffic management CEN and CENELEC 16 Mar 2010 Transport, Trade & Society, Innovation & Enterprise
Kick off for the CEN-CENELEC SMEs Working Group CEN and CENELEC 05 Feb 2010 Competition, Global Europe, Trade & Society
New markets for SMEs with easy access to information on standards in China CEN and CENELEC 22 Jan 2010 Trade & Society, Global Europe
Electronic Invoicing – standards for interoperability CEN and CENELEC 15 Jan 2010 Trade & Society, Innovation & Enterprise, InfoSociety, Competition
New eProcurement framework to lower costs CEN and CENELEC 15 Jan 2010 Trade & Society, Innovation & Enterprise, InfoSociety, Competition
Electronic Invoicing – standards for interoperability CEN and CENELEC 10 Dec 2009 Trade & Society, Innovation & Enterprise, InfoSociety, Competition
CEN enlarges its membership CEN and CENELEC 27 Nov 2009 Global Europe, Enlargement, Trade & Society
European Standardization for SMEs CEN and CENELEC 24 Nov 2009 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
New Common CEN-CENELEC Director General Announced CEN and CENELEC 30 Oct 2009 Innovation & Enterprise
Europe-China Standards Information Platform will facilitate access to China for SMEs CEN and CENELEC 19 Oct 2009 Trade & Society, Global Europe
Standards support innovation + growth CEN and CENELEC 19 Oct 2009 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
CEN welcomes newest Affiliate Morocco CEN and CENELEC 17 Aug 2009 Health & Consumers
New standard to increase energy efficiency: EN 16001:2009 CEN and CENELEC 03 Jul 2009
CEN and CENELEC support for SMEs during SME week SME Week is an opportunity for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to learn how standards can help their business. CEN and CENELEC 06 May 2009 Innovation & Enterprise
CEN and CENELEC hold Info Days for Affiliates CEN and CENELEC 06 Mar 2009
CEN and CENELEC join forces on ICT standards CEN and CENELEC 11 Dec 2008 Innovation & Enterprise, InfoSociety
eBusiness Interoperability conference - Utrecht 8 and 9 December CEN and CENELEC 04 Dec 2008 Trade & Society
eBusiness Interoperability conference - Utrecht 8 and 9 CEN and CENELEC 02 Dec 2008 Innovation & Enterprise
CEN/CENELEC PR Roundtable CEN and CENELEC 26 Nov 2008 Trade & Society
TESTING CONNECTIONS FOR ELECTRONIC BUSINESS CEN and CENELEC 13 Nov 2008 Innovation & Enterprise, InfoSociety
New quality standards for airport security services CEN and CENELEC 05 Nov 2008 Transport, Trade & Society, Justice & Home Affairs, InfoSociety, Security
More transparency for sheltered housing CEN and CENELEC 04 Nov 2008 Trade & Society, Sustainable Dev., Social Europe & Jobs
Mandate on space standards sends safety soaring CEN and CENELEC 08 Sep 2008 Transport, Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society, Security
Self-extinguishing cigarettes on the way CEN and CENELEC 20 Aug 2008 Health & Consumers, Innovation & Enterprise, Competition, Security
Slide Tackles and Big Goals: Standards at EURO 2008 CEN and CENELEC 06 Jun 2008 Social Europe & Jobs, Transport, Education, Security, Sports
European Standards Organisation Joint Presidents’ Group (JPG) meets EC's Vice-President Günter Verheugen, CEN and CENELEC 30 May 2008 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise, Competition, Trade & Society