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CEN (European Committee for Standardization) and CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) are European Standardization Organizations, recognized by the EU and EFTA, which bring together the National Standards Bodies (CEN Members) and National Electrotechnical Committees (CENELEC Members) of 33 European countries. CEN and CENELEC develop and adopt European Standards and other types of technical documents that set out specifications and procedures in relation to a wide range of processes, materials, products and services. They cooperate with the European Commission to develop and adopt harmonized standards and other deliverables that support the implementation of EU policies and legislation (in accordance with EU Regulation 1025/2012).

Press Releases of this organisation

“A Europe that protects” – security through standards CEN and CENELEC 28 Jun 2018 Security
The standardization work evolution for the European Energy Market until today: CENELEC TC 57 achievements CEN and CENELEC 08 Jun 2018 Energy
Joint CEN/TC 312 ‘ Thermal solar systems and components’ and Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF workshop on Next generation of CEN/TC 321 ‘Solar Thermal’ standards CEN and CENELEC 08 Jun 2018 Energy
Standardization complements the European Union’s Ecodesign Regulation towards a European Circular Economy – A view from Richard Hughes, Chairman of CEN/CLC/JTC 10 CEN and CENELEC 08 Jun 2018 Energy
The role of standardization in Horizon Europe - the European Commission’s newly proposed Framework Programme for Research and Innovation CEN and CENELEC 07 Jun 2018 Innovation & Enterprise
The future of transport driven by standards CEN and CENELEC 05 Jun 2018 Transport
The contribution of CEN-CENELEC to the European Energy policy shaping and implementation CEN and CENELEC 04 Jun 2018 Energy
European Week Against Cancer (EWAC) – The contribution of Standardization to pre-analytical procedures for in vitro diagnostics CEN and CENELEC 01 Jun 2018 Health & Consumers
New CEN standard - EN 17034:2018 on chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption CEN and CENELEC 24 May 2018 Health & Consumers
Happy European Patients’ Rights Day thanks to standardization CEN and CENELEC 23 May 2018 Health & Consumers
Standard in the spotlight: CEN publishes two Technical Reports on Electronic Signature CEN and CENELEC 17 May 2018 InfoSociety
Happy Europe’s Day with European Standards - European standardization & the EU Single Market CEN and CENELEC 09 May 2018 Global Europe
CEN and CENELEC welcome European Commission’s commitment to have a 'single standardization policy' CEN and CENELEC 02 Jun 2016 Innovation & Enterprise
CEN and CENELEC highlight role of standards in raising the quality of business services and underpinning the growth of this key sector CEN and CENELEC 10 Apr 2014 Innovation & Enterprise
CEN, CENELEC and ETSI discuss role of standards in support of EU Cybersecurity Strategy with Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes CEN and CENELEC 03 Apr 2014 InfoSociety
Historic agreement provides basis for closer cooperation between European and Russian standardization organizations CEN and CENELEC 18 Sep 2013 Europe's East, Global Europe, Trade & Society
Enhanced cooperation between CEN, CENELEC and ENTSO-E will contribute to more efficient and reliable electricity distribution in Europe CEN and CENELEC 10 Sep 2013 Energy, Trade & Society
CEN and CENELEC agree to collaborate with ENISA on cybersecurity issues CEN and CENELEC 10 Jul 2013 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
Standards for Services will be main focus of the 2nd European Standardization Summit in Copenhagen on 19 June 2013 CEN and CENELEC 14 Jun 2013 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
Key players agree to maintain and develop their efforts to encourage SME participation in standardization activities CEN and CENELEC 31 May 2013 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
Towards a Europe-wide database of accidents and injuries CEN and CENELEC 14 Mar 2013 Health & Consumers
American and European Standards Organisations agree to collaborate on aligning standards to facilitate trade between EU and USA CEN and CENELEC 14 Feb 2013 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
European Standards Organisations present the latest results of their work to develop standards for Smart Grids CEN and CENELEC 30 Jan 2013 Energy
American and European Standards Organisations agree to strengthen Transatlantic Cooperation on Standards for Electric Vehicles CEN and CENELEC 06 Dec 2012 Innovation & Enterprise, Transport, Trade & Society
New 'SME Toolbox of Solutions' gives small and medium-sized businesses access to information on standards and standardization in Europe CEN and CENELEC 19 Oct 2012 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
On World Standards Day 2012 - CEN and CENELEC highlight how standards are boosting efficiency and reducing waste CEN and CENELEC 12 Oct 2012 Innovation & Enterprise
CEN and CENELEC congratulate Lara Comi MEP on winning an award for her work on the new EU legislation on European Standardization CEN and CENELEC 26 Sep 2012 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
CEN and CENELEC welcome decision by Members of European Parliament to approve new EU Regulation on European Standardization CEN and CENELEC 12 Sep 2012 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
CEN and CENELEC offer free advice on how research projects can benefit from standards and link-up with standardization activities CEN and CENELEC 10 Jul 2012 Innovation & Enterprise
Stakeholders agree that more Europeans should be given opportunities to learn about standards and standardization CEN and CENELEC 02 Jul 2012 Innovation & Enterprise, Education



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