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RICS – The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – is the pre-eminent organisation of its kind in the world. As such, it represents everything that is good in the property profession.

Press Releases of this organisation

RICS receives EU grant to launch energy efficiency project RICS 25 Jan 2011 Health & Consumers, Energy
Taking Care of our homes a – an EU priority? RICS 21 Jun 2010 Sustainable Dev., Energy, Health & Consumers
Are zero energy buildings really zero? - RICS at the EU Sustainable Energy Europe Week (EUSEW) RICS 12 Jun 2012 Energy
Commercial foreclosures on the rise as economic turmoil lingers RICS 28 Nov 2011 Euro & Finance
Economic uncertainty continues to hinder Europe’s commercial property market RICS 04 Nov 2011 Euro & Finance
EU on the way towards a more energy efficient building stock RICS 25 Nov 2008 Sustainable Dev.
European commercial property picture remains bleak notwithstanding marginal improvements RICS 29 Oct 2012 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
European housing recovery is not on the horizon but prices remained stable RICS 29 Feb 2012 Euro & Finance
Fragile recovery in the European residential - 2011 RICS European Housing Review RICS 01 Mar 2011 Health & Consumers, Sustainable Dev.
Fuel Poverty: how much do green upgrades really save you? RICS launches Greener Homes Price Guide RICS 08 Sep 2008 Trade & Society, Climate & Environment, Sustainable Dev.
Going for Green means certified new and existing buildings, says RICS RICS 18 Jun 2012 Sustainable Dev.
Green buildings attracting higher rents in US RICS 03 Apr 2009 Climate & Environment
Housing absorbs largest share of consumer spending in Europe RICS 02 Nov 2011 Health & Consumers, Euro & Finance
International standards to improve global financial stability RICS 27 Feb 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance, Sustainable Dev.
Investor appetite grows as commercial foreclosures keep rising globally RICS 10 Feb 2012 Euro & Finance
Investors take a step back from Emerging Europe RICS 02 Jun 2008 Climate & Environment, Sustainable Dev., Euro & Finance, Social Europe & Jobs
On the road towards energy efficient buildings in Europe: RICS report “Towards an Energy Efficient Building Stock 2008” RICS 15 Sep 2008 Trade & Society, Climate & Environment, Sustainable Dev.
Poor economic outlook takes its toll on Europe’s commercial property market RICS 30 Jan 2012 Euro & Finance, Sustainable Dev.
Property experts gather to discuss accuracy and reliability in valuation RICS 17 Oct 2011 Euro & Finance
Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on Alternative Investment Fund Managers RICS 28 Sep 2009
Rethinking in the real estate sector RICS 06 Jun 2008 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev., Social Europe & Jobs, Climate & Environment
RICS believes ECB rates are to remain on hold RICS 07 Jul 2010 Euro & Finance
RICS calls for recognition of major contributors of climate change in Copenhagen RICS 15 Dec 2009 Climate & Environment, Innovation & Enterprise
RICS calls for water valuation to refocus management of the world’s most important resource RICS 17 Jan 2011 Climate & Environment, Sustainable Dev.
RICS Global Commercial Property Survey, Q2 2011 RICS 28 Jul 2011 Euro & Finance, Trade & Society
RICS Global Distressed Property Monitor, Q2 2011 RICS 25 Aug 2011 Euro & Finance
RICS Inaugurates New Presidential Team - Governing Council inauguration, 2011 RICS 08 Jul 2011 Innovation & Enterprise
RICS joins world business leaders to accelerate deal on climate change RICS 22 Sep 2009 Climate & Environment
RICS launches EU Manifesto calling for higher standards in a more sustainable Europe RICS 13 May 2009 Sustainable Dev., Transport
RICS launches Valuer Registration Scheme in continental Europe RICS 13 Sep 2011 Euro & Finance



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