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RICS launches EU Manifesto calling for higher standards in a more sustainable Europe


13 May 2009


Sustainable Dev.

RICS European Elections 2009 Manifesto

At the eve of the June European elections, RICS urges the new European Parliament to focus on better regulation and higher standards, with the aim to consolidate a sustainable built environment on the road towards economic recovery and improved quality of life for its citizens, as part of its Manifesto launched in London (12 May 2009).

With this manifesto, RICS, the mark of property professionalism worldwide, wants to encourage the future European Parliament to take further action to improve transparency and implement higher standards in all aspect of the European property sector in where citizens live and work.

Underlining the crucial contribution of the European Parliament to the future of the European Union and its decision-making process, RICS’ manifesto is addressed to all future Members of the EU Parliament from all 27 Member States.

In particular, the organisation is looking forward to working closely with MEPs for the next parliamentary term on the following key issues:

• The importance of valuation standards on the road towards economic recovery

• The creation of a more sustainable built environment in Europe

• The vital role of the housing and urban matters on the European agenda

The manifesto places special emphasis on the necessity to incorporate ethics and international property valuation principles into practice at EU level, and to encourage European citizens to invest in energy efficient measures, especially in existing buildings, to come out of the current crisis.
With this aim, RICS expects the new European Parliament to ensure effective implementation of key EU legislation and financial support to help citizens to save energy and money by greening their homes. In particular, RICS underlines the importance of the upcoming debate on the budget and criteria for the post-2013 cohesion funds, and the recent approval of allowing ERDF (European Regional Development Funds) to be spent on energy efficient and renewable energy measures.

Ursula Hartenberger, RICS Head of EU Public Affairs, commented:

“The current economic crisis and the challenges with regard to climate change, which are closely linked, show that our old model of thinking is no longer working. What we need now is a radical shift in how financial and property markets are controlled and how true value is established.

We cannot look at these issues from a purely national, isolationist point of view. They are cross-border issues that affect all Member States and therefore must be dealt with at EU level. The new European Parliament has to find pragmatic, long-term solutions, not only for the next legislative period but also beyond.

In this difficult economic climate, the future European Parliament needs to ensure that the principles of sustainability, especially with regard to the built environment, remain high on the political agenda.”


Notes to Editors
*RICS European Elections 2009 Manifesto is available at:

**RICS events on European Elections:
RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) together with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) will be on the road to bring members and candidates together for a series of evening debates on the key policy issues facing the European Union.

About RICS
RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) is the mark of property professionalism worldwide. It covers all aspects of property, construction and associated environmental issues.
In a world where more and more people, governments, banks and commercial organisations demand greater certainty of professional standards and ethics, attaining RICS status is the recognised mark of property professionalism. Over 100.000 RICS members, who are Chartered Surveyors, operate out of 146 countries, supported by an extensive network of national and regional offices located in every continent around the world. RICS’ global headquarters is based in London. The European World Regional office is based in Brussels, supported by 19 national associations in Europe.
RICS has a Royal Charter which requires the organisation to maintain and promote the usefulness of the profession for the public advantage. This is what sets RICS apart from trade bodies.

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