Company Description

COCIR is the European Trade Association representing the medical imaging, radiotherapy, health ICT and electromedical industries.  Founded in 1959, COCIR is a non-profit association headquartered in Brussels (Belgium) with a China Desk based in Beijing since 2007.

Press Releases of this organisation

Implementing Medical Device Regulation - COCIR Half-Time Assessment COCIR 13 Dec 2018 Health & Consumers
COCIR welcomes end to unjustified restrictions on non-personal data flows in the EU COCIR 22 Jun 2018 Health & Consumers
COCIR calls for greater support for Medical & Digital Health Industry v COCIR 07 Jun 2018 Health & Consumers
Secure patient identity management is an essential component in advancing integrated care COCIR 30 May 2018 Health & Consumers
Launch of Multi-Stakeholder Health Roadmap to support Integrated Care COCIR 25 May 2018 Health & Consumers
COCIR further enhances its ethical standards on industry relationships with healthcare professionals COCIR 15 Mar 2018 Health & Consumers
Jan Kimpen appointed new COCIIR President COCIR 14 Mar 2018 Health & Consumers
Joint industry contribution on the Multiannual Financial Framework COCIR 13 Mar 2018 Health & Consumers
COCIR Mission Proposal for FP9 - Live longer, Feel better: a European mission for the digitisation of healthcare COCIR 13 Mar 2018 Health & Consumers
COCIR and EFOMP partners in training initiative on CT technology and dose optimization COCIR 08 Feb 2018 Health & Consumers
Implementing Medical Device Regulation - Cocir Views on the Way Forward COCIR 24 Jan 2018 Health & Consumers
Effective Collaboration between Authorities and Industry on Medical Radiation Protection COCIR 16 Nov 2017 Health & Consumers
B20 Business Community Supports G20 Africa Partnership COCIR 13 Jun 2017 Health & Consumers
Medical Device Regulation Adopted COCIR 05 Apr 2017 Health & Consumers
COCIR and EFOMP announce partnership COCIR 03 Mar 2017 Health & Consumers
Obsolescent Medical Imaging Technology Is Undermining Patient Safety COCIR 02 Mar 2017 Health & Consumers
World Cancer Day 2017: Medical Technologies are helping prevent premature deaths COCIR 04 Feb 2017 Health & Consumers
Digital Health Week and COCIR eHealth Summit COCIR 15 Dec 2016 Health & Consumers, InfoSociety
Obsolescent Technology undermining efforts to enhance Patient Safety: COCIR calls for urgent action COCIR 08 Nov 2016 Health & Consumers
COCIR strategic research agenda: fully aligned with EU 2020 priorities COCIR 14 Sep 2016 EU Priorities 2020, Innovation & Enterprise
Measuring the contribution of innovative financial models in hospitals COCIR 05 Jul 2016 Health & Consumers, Innovation & Enterprise
Launch of Joint Call for Action to scale up Integrated Care in Europe COCIR 15 Jun 2016 Health & Consumers
COCIR and ESTRO agree to strengthen their collaboration COCIR 10 May 2016 Health & Consumers, Innovation & Enterprise
COCIR urges harmonised interpretation and enforcement of the Data Protection Regulation COCIR 14 Apr 2016 Health & Consumers, InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
Replacing Medical Imaging Equipment in Europe: Time is Running Out COCIR 02 Mar 2016 Health & Consumers, InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
Making Healthcare Systems More Sustainable Through Integrated Care – Brief Outcome from COCIR Successful eHealth Summit COCIR 05 Feb 2016 Health & Consumers
World Cancer Day 2016: COCIR Raises Importance of Technologies COCIR 04 Feb 2016 Health & Consumers
COCIR partners with the Voka Community to accelerate mHealth uptake and Integrated Care in Belgium COCIR 27 Jan 2016 Health & Consumers
COCIR Launches Its Integrated Care White Paper COCIR 15 Jun 2015 Health & Consumers, InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise