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No Citizen Should Be Left Behind: MEPs confirm support for Citizen’s Right to Choose PostEurop 17 Oct 2017 InfoSociety, Transport
PostEurop reacts to the adoption of TRAN’s report on the Parcel Delivery Proposal PostEurop 12 Oct 2017 Transport
Postal Operators React to the New VAT Proposal for Cross-Border E-Commerce PostEurop 13 Dec 2016 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
Council discusses progress of negotiations on the Parcel Delivery Proposal – European postal operators look to the Council to recognise the competitiveness of the parcels market PostEurop 02 Dec 2016 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
E-commerce and Parcel Delivery – Three innovative SMEs and PostEurop discuss how to deliver the physical part of the Digital Single Market PostEurop 16 Nov 2016 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
The European Postal Industry welcomes the European Parliament’s support for a sustainable universal service PostEurop 15 Sep 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev.
Mystery shopping debunks myths around e-commerce delivery prices PostEurop 19 Feb 2016 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
Postal Delivery: A key enabler for the growth of e-commerce PostEurop 23 Sep 2013 Innovation & Enterprise, Transport
European social partners of the postal sector committed to promoting environmental awareness PostEurop 05 Apr 2013 Climate & Environment, Sustainable Dev., Trade & Society
COMMISSION’S PROPOSAL FOR A GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION PostEurop 12 Mar 2013 Competition, InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise, Transport
European Postal Operators Raise Concerns on the New Data Protection Rules PostEurop 27 Feb 2013 EU Priorities 2020, InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise, Transport
European Postal Sector Evolution Milestone PostEurop 19 Apr 2012 Transport
Final Report on Postal Sector Evolution PostEurop 14 Dec 2011 Transport
European Postal Operators Exceeding Emission Targets PostEurop 14 Apr 2011 InfoSociety
Print Media Chain reacts on Commission’s push for e-invoicing PostEurop 07 Feb 2011 InfoSociety
Forceville the next Chairman of PostEurop Management Board - For the term 2011-2013 PostEurop 29 Oct 2010 Transport
Greening the Fleet: Green Post Project shows environmental and cost benefits from changing to electric and hybrid vehicles PostEurop 29 Jun 2010 Climate & Environment, Transport
European Postal Operators Tackled Delivery Disruption despite Volcano Woes PostEurop 10 May 2010 Transport
PostEurop ands its members Kick-off the Green Fleet Forum PostEurop 11 Feb 2010 Transport, Sustainable Dev.
PostEurop meets EU Environment Commissioner at Green Week PostEurop 11 Jun 2008 Transport, Sustainable Dev., EU Priorities 2020, Climate & Environment
Diversity Management in the light of demographic changes PostEurop 21 May 2008 Transport, Innovation & Enterprise, Social Europe & Jobs



European Law Institute (ELI)
Project Officer
European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD)
Research and Innovation Assistant
CERRE, Centre on Regulation in Europe
Project Manager Energy, Mobility and Sustainability
CO2 Value Europe
Policy intern
Association d' Eureka AISBL
Trainee in Programme Management
Association d' Eureka AISBL
Trainee in Communications
Transport Editor