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Postal Operators ready to attract young talents by joining the European Alliance for Apprenticeships


29 Mar 2019


The European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA), a multi-stakeholder platform aimed at strengthening the quality, supply and image of apprenticeships in Europe, welcomed PostEurop as its new member during a joint European Parliament and European Commission Conference on “Mobility of Apprenticeships” today. As one of the largest employers in Europe and practitioners of apprenticeship programmes, postal operators feel that there is much to benefit for all from becoming a member of EAfA. 
European postal operators are among the biggest employers in all countries.  Together, they employ 1,8 million people across its extensive network.  As such, the postal workforce is well positioned to potentially offer and promote apprenticeship. Young talents can learn from experienced professionals and vice-versa.  
The postal sector is undergoing a series of transformation driven by various factors including digitalisation.  Changing customer needs and dynamic market demands have pushed postal operators to embrace new technological innovations and adapt to new situations.  Our workforce is also affected by these changes in which adequate skills are sought to fulfil needs and ultimately to support the companies through this period.  
“Joining EAfA presents a great opportunity for the postal sector to train and attract much needed young talents.  It will enable a better match between skills and job needs as well as provide an answer to skill shortages in specific job functions particularly in the area of digital skills” said Mr. Botond Szebeny, PostEurop Secretary General.
“There are many benefits to apprenticeship programmes.   It is also a way for postal operators to increase the diversity of its workforce and enhance its role of social inclusion in society. In this sense, it directly supports the CSR role of the sector.  Ultimately, it contributes to the postal sector’s sustainable development and competitiveness” added Mr. Szebeny.
“Postal operators have run apprenticeship programmes for years. With more than 2.100 apprentices in 15 professions representing 6% of its headcount in 2017, Swiss Post is one of the largest training companies in Switzerland. Similarly, La Poste with 17.600 apprentices in 3 years has largely overpassed its commitment of recruiting 12.000 apprentices in 2016-2018.  We see the benefits of becoming a member of EAfA as there is much that we can share from our experience and also learn from a vast array of stakeholders involved in the initiative” Ms. Margaux Meidinger, Chairwoman of the PostEurop CSR Activities Circle.
About European Alliance for Apprenticeships
Launched in July 2013, the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) unites governments and key stakeholders with the aim of strengthening the quality, supply and overall image of apprenticeships across Europe, while also promoting the mobility of apprentices. EAfA members can benefit from Apprenticeship Support Services, which provide online resources and networking opportunities that enable like-minded individuals to connect, learn and act.