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European Postal Operators Exceeding Emission Targets


14 Apr 2011



PostEurop published the "2010 Environmental Report" announcing that from 2007 to 2009; the 16 European Postal Operators  participating in the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programme recorded a total reduction of 465 thousand tonnes of CO2 collectively.  This is a 15% reduction from 2007 to date, in which 2009 alone records a 13% reduction in emission.

PostEurop, the association representing European Public Postal Operators published its "2010 Environment Report" announcing a total reduction of 465 thousand tonnes of CO2 collectively from 2007 to 2009.  

Based on a common CO2 measurement protocol established in April 2008, data collection and sharing was made possible for European Postal Operators. It was then that 16 participating postal operators*, representing approximately 75% of European postal mail volumes boldly set a target to collectively reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 10% towards end of 2012.

In this report, an independent audit verified the data and reported that a significant reduction in CO2 emission was achieved in 2009 alone.  This is mainly due to postal operators switching from conventional to Green Electricity supply.  The direct impact of just Green Electricity in 2009, sums up to 297 thousand tonnes (approximately 63% of the total reduction achieved).

"2009 has been a remarkable year for Environmental experts and the results speaks for itself.  Without a doubt, this proves that we are on the right track and motivates us to work together with customers, supplier and other stakeholders," comments Stéphanie Scouppe, Chairperson of PostEurop Environment Working Group.

"The sharing of best practices, ideas and engagement within the programme for mutual benefits of our members has paved way for new and concrete Environmental initiatives to further increase efforts to meet and exceed our goal beyond next year.  I am confident and optimistic that our systematic approach will yield even more great results in the future" affirms Dr. Botond Szebeny, PostEurop Secretary General.


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