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Company Description

CLEPA is the European umbrella membership organization representing the interests of the global automotive supply industry. More than 109 of the world's most prominent suppliers for car parts, systems and modules and 25 National trade associations are members of CLEPA. Based in Brussels, Belgium, CLEPA is recognized as the natural discussion partner by the European Institutions and United Nations.

Press Releases of this organisation

Innovation is key to preserve Europe´s leadership in the mobility sector CLEPA 06 Dec 2018 Innovation & Enterprise
Council essentially confirms Commission’s proposal on regulation making safety technology mandatory CLEPA 30 Nov 2018 Transport
Net-zero emissions in 2050 requires integrated vision for safe, sustainable and smart mobility CLEPA 28 Nov 2018 Climate & Environment
CLEPA organised the first Counterfeit day CLEPA 23 Nov 2018 Innovation & Enterprise
CLEPA Newsletter Editorial November 2018: Five minutes to twelve? Bridging electric versus combustion CLEPA 22 Nov 2018 Climate & Environment
Ahead of the vote on CO2 standards for trucks: Automotive suppliers call for realistically ambitious CLEPA 13 Nov 2018 Climate & Environment
Environment committee demands targets for decarbonisation of trucks beyond feasible levels CLEPA 18 Oct 2018 Transport
CO2 targets—Automotive suppliers urge co-legislators to take into account the risk for employment CLEPA 11 Oct 2018 Transport, Climate & Environment
Automotive suppliers urge co-legislators to stay with CO2 targets proposed by European Commission CLEPA 03 Oct 2018 Transport
CLEPA Newsletter Editorial September 2018: Making shipshape before the European elections CLEPA 21 Sep 2018 Transport
CLEPA highlights transformative forces during Automechanika 2018 in Frankfurt CLEPA 11 Sep 2018 Transport
Environment committee underestimates progress in decarbonisation of transport CLEPA 11 Sep 2018 Transport
CLEPA Newsletter Editorial July 2018 – Electrification is name of the game CLEPA 20 Jul 2018 Transport
CLEPA on the vote on opinions on CO2 standards: Tough balancing act CLEPA 11 Jul 2018 Transport
The business model of integration and coordination CLEPA 27 Jun 2018 Transport
CLEPA President: Smart policy avoids dependency on one technology CLEPA 22 Jun 2018 Transport
Broad road safety coalition commits to work for zero traffic fatalities CLEPA 15 Jun 2018 Transport
Bosch, Inteva, Plastic Omnium and TomTom winners of the CLEPA 2018 Innovation Awards CLEPA 14 Jun 2018 Trade & Society
Technology neutrality is key in decarbonising transport, also when it comes to battery technology CLEPA 24 May 2018 Transport
Access to In-vehicle Data: Automotive Suppliers support the European Commission’s focus on fair market access CLEPA 22 May 2018 Transport
CO2 targets for trucks are seriously challenging – Smart strategy for emission reduction is necessary CLEPA 17 May 2018 Transport
A mission to subscribe to: develop, industrialise and manufacture technology solutions in Europe CLEPA 15 May 2018 Transport
New CO2 legislation for cars: Polish automotive suppliers highlight strong industrial footprint in pursuit of decarbonising road transport CLEPA 25 Apr 2018 Transport, Climate & Environment
CLEPA Materials Regulation Event 2018: global cooperation along the whole supply chain is crucial CLEPA 24 Apr 2018 Health & Consumers
CLEPA Position Paper on the revision of the General Safety Regulation CLEPA 03 Apr 2018 Transport, Security
CLEPA Innovation Awards 2018: application deadline extended till April 13th, 2018 CLEPA 28 Mar 2018 Transport
CLEPA Aftermarket Conference 2018: connectivity and changes in vehicle ownership shake up the value chain CLEPA 23 Mar 2018 Transport
CLEPA: Trade restrictions impact jobs and wealth on both ends CLEPA 07 Mar 2018 Social Europe & Jobs, Trade & Society
CLEPA Innovation Awards 2018 CLEPA 29 Jan 2018 Sustainable Dev., Transport
New CO2 legislation for cars: Spanish automotive suppliers showcase importance of technology neutrality to reduce emissions as well as maintain strong industry in Europe CLEPA 10 Jan 2018 Sustainable Dev., Transport, Climate & Environment



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