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New CO2 legislation for cars: Polish automotive suppliers highlight strong industrial footprint in pursuit of decarbonising road transport


25 Apr 2018


Climate & Environment


  • Technology neutrality key to sustain economic fabric of Poland and Europe
  • Global competitiveness depends on technology leadership in all disciplines

The Polish automotive supply industry represented by SDCM, in close coordination with CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, highlighted today in Brussels the various automotive parts & components that are manufactured in Poland in the pursuit of CO2 emissions reduction, contributing to the decarbonisation of road transport in the EU.

During a lunch debate for policy makers hosted by Andrzej Grzyb MEP, several representatives from Polish and Poland-based companies including Bosch, Lumag, BorgWarner and Valeo, were present to introduce a variety of technology solutions, stressing the need to take all technology options into account in upcoming CO2 legislation for cars and vans.

The European Parliament and Council of Member States are currently negotiating a new legislative proposal to reduce car emissions in the 2020-2030 timeframe. The legislation will have a large impact on the European automotive industry.

The Member of Parliament hosting the event, Mr. Grzyb, highlighted: “Poland is a prominent automotive country in Europe with manufacturing plants located all across the country providing over 130.000 high-skilled jobs. We very much support that Europe builds on the strengths of its industry to tackle environmental issues. It should be our ambition that technology solutions continue to be developed, industrialized and manufactured here with us.”

Alfred Franke, President of SDCM, said: “The automotive supply sector is key for the economic fabric of Poland. It is important that Europe continues to have a legislative framework that sustains the competitiveness of the automotive suppliers in the global perspective. That means that all available technologies should be included without bias: every gramme of CO2 reduction counts.”

Sigrid de Vries, Secretary General of CLEPA, added: “CLEPA asks the legislator to provide a policy framework that rewards efficiency. There is no ‘one-fits-all’ solution to achieve society’s CO2-emissions reduction targets: cars, vans, bikes, buses and trucks serve different mobility purposes, and customers must have the choice to pick the technology combinations that fit their needs best.”

CLEPA considers the new car CO2 proposal highly demanding and stresses that focus should turn to how the targets should be met, mitigating disruption to economy and society.

Electrification, hybrid technology, alternative and synthetic fuels, eco-innovations and other solutions to increase energy efficiency all have a role to play in an integrated policy approach encompassing market incentives, energy mix and infrastructure investments as well.

SDCM and CLEPA members offer mobility solutions that build on their long-standing industrial strength to realise ambitious environmental and safety-related objectives, counting multinationals as well as thousands of SMEs in its membership. Up to 75% of the value of an average vehicle comes from its components and parts. Automotive suppliers invest more than half of all automotive R&D in the EU (over € 22 billion per year). They are a key asset for Europe’s economy and wealth creation.

Specifically, Polish automotive suppliers contribute significantly to the Polish economy due to its size, creation of value, interaction with other sectors and exports. It is a strategic sector with value of production of automotive parts of more than € 20 billion in 2017 and totaling 130.000 direct jobs. It’s a sector intensely committed to R&D and innovation, with an investment of 5-10% of its turnover, due to its strong technological base.




Note to Editors

SDCM - Polish Association of Automotive Parts Distributors and Producers, brings together over 100 of the prominent suppliers of car parts and largest distributors of spare parts in Poland. SDCM is a Polish voice of the automotive industry. It is a joint venture of companies competing with each other who can perceive areas where they should act together. The association monitors, analyses and participates in the consultation processes regarding new legislation in the automotive industry both in Poland and Brussels, constantly striving for best legal environment in automotive industry.


Automotive spare parts in Poland:

  • Over 900 producers
  • Over €20 bn - value of production of automotive parts in Poland
  • Over 130.000 employees
  • exporter of automotive parts in the world (€ 10 bn)
  • 9% revenue growth dynamics
  • Annual investments in innovations – over € 1 bn


CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, represents over 3.000 companies supplying state-of-the-art components and innovative technology for safe, smart and sustainable mobility, investing over 20 billion euros yearly in research and development. Automotive suppliers in Europe employ nearly five million people across the continent.

Facts about the European automotive industry:

  • Some 12 million people are employed in the European automotive industry
  • European automotive suppliers directly employ 5 million people
  • European automotive suppliers invest more than €20bn in RDI per year. They are the biggest private investor into research and innovation
  • Per year, 18 million vehicles are manufactured in Europe, contributing to the stability and growth of the European economy


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