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Parliament’s vote on plastics bags leaves industry concerned


16 Apr 2014


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EU Parliament’s vote on plastics bags: A chronicle of an announced death?

PlasticsEurope together with Europen and other industry associations are very alarmed by today’s vote on banning lightweight plastics carrier bags. The industries associations fear that it will weaken one of the success stories of the European Union: the Single Market.

"A ban on plastics bags is not the solution to tackle the problem of irresponsible disposal. The Parliament’s plan leads to a situation in which some countries ban plastic bags, while others allow them. Such a patchwork of rules is against the idea of the existing legislation and detrimental to the free movement of goods in Europe: is this the beginning of the end of a success story?” questioned Karl-H. Foerster, the Executive Director, PlasticsEurope.

“To effectively protect our environment, it would have been far better to focus on the implementation of existing EU waste legislation, in particular in those countries with no proper waste management”, Mr Foerster explained.

Foerster also criticised the decision to include a provision regarding CMRs and Endocrine Disruptors in packaging into the proposal. “Chemicals are already subject to existing regulations such as REACH and the Food Contact legislation. Consumer Protection requires clear and consistent rules” said Foerster. Therefore, instead of creating new provisions PlasticsEurope called upon decision makers in the Parliament and the Council to use the existing regulatory framework.

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