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PlasticsEurope is the only European trade association headquartered in Brussels with representatives across all European Union’s 27 member states. PlasticsEurope has developed close partnerships with sister associations that represent the European plastics manufacturing chain, which includes 50,000 converters and over 1,000 machinery manufacturers as well. PlasticsEurope is the official voice of the European plastics manufacturers.



Press Releases of this organisation

Debate on “Rethink, Reuse, Recycle” gathers youngsters from across Benelux PlasticsEurope 21 May 2019 Education
Youngsters from across Germany debate on Rethink, Reuse, Recycle PlasticsEurope 07 May 2019 Climate & Environment
EPCA and PlasticsEurope kicked off a 4th edition of EYDC PlasticsEurope 04 Apr 2019 Climate & Environment
Record-breaking plastics conference attended by sustainability professionals from across the world PlasticsEurope 13 Mar 2019 Climate & Environment
Reducing energy demand of buildings is key to reduce energy poverty PlasticsEurope 30 Nov 2016 Energy, Climate & Environment
Plastics Value Chain Creates a New European Stakeholder Platform to Drive Europe’s Polyolefins-based Packaging towards the Circular Economy PlasticsEurope 25 Oct 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev.
PlasticsEurope creates a New Packaging Group to contribute to Europe’s Resource Efficient Circular Economy ambition PlasticsEurope 20 Oct 2016 Sustainable Dev.
Restrictions on single-use items will not solve the littering problem PlasticsEurope 13 Oct 2016 Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
National Winners from across Europe heading to final of the European Youth Debating Competition PlasticsEurope 21 Sep 2016 Science & Policymaking, Education
Plastics value chain agrees on common demands for the Circular Economy Package PlasticsEurope 20 Sep 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev.
EPCA and PlasticsEurope join forces to promote STEM education - New debating competition for European youngsters launched PlasticsEurope 05 Apr 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Science & Policymaking, Education
A New Web Platform, a New Brand Identity for PlasticsEurope 23 Mar 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev.
PolyTalk 2016: Towards Zero Plastics to the Oceans PlasticsEurope 17 Mar 2016 Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
Winners of the First European Plastics Innovation Awards announced PlasticsEurope 26 Jan 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Climate & Environment
The European plastics industry debates Marine Litter Solutions - PolyTalk 2016: Zero Plastics to the Oceans PlasticsEurope 19 Jan 2016 Climate & Environment
Life Cycle Assessment & Product Environmental Footprint PlasticsEurope 02 Jun 2014 Energy, Science & Policymaking
Science Driving Consumer Protection: How Plastics Deliver, 20 - 21 October, Mövenpick Hotel Berlin, Germany PlasticsEurope 27 May 2014 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
Parliament’s vote on plastics bags leaves industry concerned PlasticsEurope 16 Apr 2014 Health & Consumers, Innovation & Enterprise, Climate & Environment
Statement re: RAC opinion on re-classification of BPA PlasticsEurope 19 Mar 2014 Science & Policymaking
World Plastics Council’s Executive Committee Holds First Meeting, Establishes Membership Framework PlasticsEurope 19 Mar 2014 Climate & Environment
A voice for the global plastics industry PlasticsEurope 23 Oct 2013 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
PlasticsEurope welcomes the European Commission’s annual European Competitiveness Report PlasticsEurope 26 Sep 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Trade & Society
EU decision-makers, industry leaders and students from across Europe debate youth employment in European Parliament PlasticsEurope 06 Sep 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Social Europe & Jobs
PlasticsEurope appoints new Executive Director PlasticsEurope 01 Aug 2013 Public Affairs
IDENTIPLAST 2013 - The International Event on plastics waste management: Paris 28 - 29 November 2013 PlasticsEurope 09 Jul 2013 Sustainable Dev., Trade & Society
PlasticsEurope response to the Green Paper on Plastic Waste PlasticsEurope 11 Jun 2013 Climate & Environment, Sustainable Dev.
European plastics industry on the Commission’s Green Paper on Plastic Waste in the Environment PlasticsEurope 07 Mar 2013 Climate & Environment, EU Priorities 2020
Change of leadership in the North Region of PlasticsEurope PlasticsEurope 09 Jan 2013 Climate & Environment, Trade & Society
“Global Declaration” encompasses more than 140 projects in over 34 countries - Plastics associations report progress on global marine litter commitments PlasticsEurope 07 Dec 2012 Trade & Society, Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
Solar Impulse inspires 150 students PlasticsEurope 04 Dec 2012 Climate & Environment, Education, Trade & Society



CECIMO - The European Association of the Machine Tool Industries
EU Public Affairs Economist
Fuels Europe
Communication Trainee
European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare
Director of the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare
FES - Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung
Social Media Manager and Editor (m/f)
EERA – European Energy Research Alliance
Office Manager
Head of Advocacy
European Cyclists' Federation
Policy and Development Director
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
International Relations Officer (2 positions)