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Negotiations in the German Metal industry: IG Metall struck a far-reaching deal in Baden-Württemberg


Trade & Society
Late in the evening on 5 February IG Metall concluded a ground-breaking agreement between their trade union and employers in the region of Baden-Württemberg.
The agreement includes:
  • A 4.3% plus increase from 01.04.2018, a €100 lump-sum for the months January to March 2018 (apprentices will receive €70), and a collectively agreed supplement of 27.5% of a monthly salary and a fixed amount of €400 from 2019.
  • The right to a limited reduction in working hours up to 28 hours for up to 24 months.
  • Additional days off for parenting and nursing as well as relief for shift work.
“It is only fair that the German metalworkers get a good share of the wealth they have contributed to create. This is good for the economy as a whole since this pay rise will translate into more purchasing power. This is also a signal for all European workers for whom it is high time for a wage increase” said Luc Triangle, General Secretary of industriAll Europe. 
“After years of flexibility imposed by employers, this agreement is shifting the balance of power in introducing more self-determination for workers in their working time. This agreement is at the cutting edge of modern working time with more possibilities for workers to have working arrangements that fits their life and their health. With this agreement, IG Metall has shown that strong trade unions combined with collective bargaining structures can deliver good living and working conditions for a large majority of workers.”
After years of attacks on collective bargaining systems and trade unions, industriAll Europe urges the EU Institutions and national governments to stop their attack on collective bargaining and to support the attempts of trade unions to re-establish collective bargaining structures where they are trying to do so. Only strong and autonomous social partners can deliver innovative and tailor-made solutions for their sectors and their companies.
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