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Bioenergy Europe's 2023 Landscape Report: Navigating the EU Energy Transition


05 Dec 2023


Climate & Environment

Brussels,30 November 2023 – Bioenergy Europe 2023 Statistical Report Landscape and its Policy Brief released today present an overview on the bioenergy landscape, providing information on the general EU  energy mix and the different energy sources in EU27. Unfortunately, even though some progress has been  made since the COVID-19 outbreak, the EU is still too reliant on imported fossil fuels.  

“To achieve an impactful energy transition, we shall give a clear political signal to energy consumers  about the end of fossil fuels. A climate strategy must address the progressive and methodical ban  of fossil fuels, otherwise it is doomed to fail,” states Bioenergy Europe’s Secretary General Jean Marc Jossart.  

In 2021, the consumption of fossil fuels stayed under pre-pandemic levels, except for natural gas  for which 2021 consumption levels are around 1% superior to those of 2019. Renewables continued  their growth despite lockdowns, showcasing their resilience and reliability. However, 2021 data  shows that imported fossil fuels stillrepresent more than half of the EU’s energy mix. The EU should 

incentivise domestic renewable sources, such as sustainable bioenergy and set clear fossil fuels  exit strategy to reduce its CO2 emissions while strengthening its energy independence. Biomass  remains the main renewable energy source within the EU27, accounting for approximately 10,2%  of the gross final energy consumption and 55,7% of renewables final energy consumption in 2021. 

It is sustainable and domestically sourced (only 4,7% import dependency) and produced (the most  produced energy in the EU). An alternative that can contribute to energy security.  

With a new EU target of 42,5% renewables in 2030, bioenergy, together with other renewables, is expected to play a growing role in our decarbonised future. To ensure that future, Bioenergy Europe  has outlined 3 steps to take for EU policymakers towards the energy transition.   

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Irene di Padua

Policy Advisor

Luca Oggianu

Communications Officer


Note to editors:

  • Bioenergy Europe is the voice of the European bioenergy industry. It aims to develop a sustainable  bioenergy market based on fair business conditions. Founded in 1990, Bioenergy Europe is a non profit, Brussels-based international organisation bringing together more than 40 associations and  150 companies, as well as academia and research institutes from across Europe. 
  • Bioenergy Europe’s Annual Statistical Reports provide insights on the development of the European  bioenergy market in order to support industry leaders, decision-makers, investors and all bioenergy  professionals to better understand the status of bioenergy in Europe. With more than 150 graphs  and figures, readers can get an in-depth overview of the bioenergy sector in Europe.