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Bioenergy Europe

Press Releases of this organisation

Advancing Towards the 2040 Climate Target with Bioenergy Bioenergy Europe 07 Feb 2024 Climate & Environment
Bioenergy: Unlocking Europe's Energy Transition Bioenergy Europe 22 Jan 2024 Energy
Bioenergy Europe's 2023 Landscape Report: Navigating the EU Energy Transition Bioenergy Europe 05 Dec 2023 Climate & Environment
Market met policy at European Bioenergy Future 2023 Conference Bioenergy Europe 01 Dec 2023 Climate & Environment
Breaking Free: how bioenergy empowers communities to escape fossil fuel dependency Bioenergy Europe 13 Nov 2023 Sustainable Dev.
Pellets: local resource to achieve the EU’s environmental objectives Bioenergy Europe 17 Oct 2023 Energy
Bioheat: Powering the EU’s Energy Security and Climate Action Bioenergy Europe 20 Sep 2023 Energy
Soaring energy prices: time to break with the structural instability and move to a resilient and affordable European energy block Bioenergy Europe 09 Mar 2022 Energy
Bioheat: a future-proof solution to achieve the Fit for 55 objectives Bioenergy Europe 08 Oct 2021 Energy
Fit for 55, no space for subsidiarity: a top-down approach to sustainability will not enable a renewable future. Bioenergy Europe 15 Jul 2021 Energy
Bioenergy Europe’s New Brochure: We are Renewable Energy Champions! Bioenergy Europe 19 May 2021 Energy
Bioelectricity has the literal ‘Power’ to decarbonise Europe’s Remaining Electricity Demand by 2050 Bioenergy Europe 19 May 2021 Energy
Bioenergy Europe’s views on JRC report "The use of woody biomass for energy production in the EU" Bioenergy Europe 26 Jan 2021 Energy
The EU transport sector continues to rely heavily on oil. But a viable alternative already exists and needs to be supported. Bioenergy Europe 07 Jul 2020 Energy
Fostering the biogas sector is essential to ensure the decarbonisation of the EU Bioenergy Europe 11 Jun 2020 Energy
Bioenergy Europe welcomes the acknowledgement of bioenergy as a win-win solution but remains sceptical of the terminology used within the Biodiversity strategy Bioenergy Europe 20 May 2020 Energy
The EU forest sector's role in ensuring sustainable forest management and conserving biodiversity Bioenergy Europe 15 May 2020 Energy
Bioelectricity: A Critical Contribution to the Decarbonisation of the EU’s Energy System Bioenergy Europe 08 May 2020 Energy
Taxonomy: Bioenergy Europe welcomes the inclusion of bioenergy as an environmentally friendly economic sector, but consistency is necessary. Bioenergy Europe 13 Mar 2020 Energy
A coherent European Industrial Strategy is vital for an inclusive energy transition Bioenergy Europe 10 Mar 2020 Energy
European Climate Law: higher ambition and early action for 2030 are key to achieve net-zero emissions Bioenergy Europe 04 Mar 2020 Energy