Joint industry contribution on the Multiannual Financial Framework

Beyond innovation – supporting large-scale digital health deployment in Europe

Tomorrow, on 14 March, the European Parliament will vote in its plenary session on their Own Initiative Report on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF).  This report is a crucial next step in determining the direction of the European Union over the next years.
COCIR, together with MedTech Europe, recognises these challenges. We have taken the opportunity to develop a joint contribution to support policy makers in their efforts to make the right investment choices and support one of the most innovative industry sectors in Europe. Digital health and medical technologies can contribute to achieve the triple win for Europe: 
(1)    better quality of care for citizens, 
(2)    more efficient and resilient health and care systems, 
(3)    jobs & growth in the European economy.
To achieve these goals, we have formulated eight recommendations that will hopefully guide policy-makers in laying the ground for the digital transformation of health care.


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