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Joint Statement for the June 2013 European Council Orgalime 05 Jun 2013 Innovation & Enterprise, Social Europe & Jobs
Isn’t placing a product on the market already difficult enough? Come on European Parliament, please help us! Orgalime 10 Jul 2013 Climate & Environment, Innovation & Enterprise
Internal Market should not be hampered by Waste Directive Orgalime 18 Jun 2008 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev., Competition, Climate & Environment
Implementation awaits after epic 3-year WEEE recast Orgalime 19 Jan 2012 Climate & Environment
If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Hasty Commission action might tamper with well-functioning Contract Law Orgalime 03 Feb 2011 Trade & Society
Hats off to the Commission on REACH – first signs that regulatory predictability and stability are filtering through Orgalime 06 Feb 2013 Climate & Environment
Green light for “Paris ratification”: a good day for Europe! Let’s make it happen. Orgalime 05 Oct 2016 Innovation & Enterprise
For a horizontal alignment of sectoral product legislation with the New Legislative Framework Orgalime 05 Mar 2009 Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
For a horizontal alignment of sectoral product legislation with the New Legislative Framework Orgalime 05 Mar 2009
Europe’s technology industries call for stronger sectoral approach in future EU guidelines on ethical AI Orgalime 09 Apr 2019 InfoSociety
Europe’s technology industries at the heart of a renewed EU: Orgalim launches industry vision ahead of 2019 elections Orgalime 04 Feb 2019 Innovation & Enterprise
European steel users protest the need for EU safeguards Orgalime 18 Jan 2019 Energy, InfoSociety
European Parliament efforts lauded by Orgalime for Marketing of Goods package Orgalime 12 Mar 2008 Innovation & Enterprise
European Industrial Policy – post rhetoric action Orgalime 12 Oct 2012 Climate & Environment, Trade & Society
European CTOs of the Year 2018 awards highlight sustainability and open innovation Orgalime 06 Feb 2019 Innovation & Enterprise
European Commission’s support to industry digitisation – timely and welcome Orgalime 21 Apr 2016 InfoSociety, Competition, Trade & Society
Europe needs manufacturing, manufacturing needs a better investment climate Orgalime 31 May 2013 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
EU engineering: moderate rise in output and employment in turbulent times Orgalime 22 Nov 2016 Innovation & Enterprise
EP Energy Labelling vote should promote Market Surveillance, not a Product Database Orgalime 13 Jun 2016 Energy, Sustainable Dev.
Environmental Footprint – doubtful value for consumers while opening the door to market distortion for industry Orgalime 26 Nov 2012 Health & Consumers, Climate & Environment
Environmental footprint methodology: not for us state consumers and manufacturers Orgalime 14 Mar 2013 Climate & Environment, Health & Consumers, Trade & Society
Ensuring a truly complementary, coherent and consistent implementation of REACH and RoHS2 Orgalime 11 Mar 2013 Climate & Environment, EU Priorities 2020
Energy Labelling vote – European engineering industries position to MEPs Orgalime 05 May 2009 Climate & Environment
Electric Vehicles:Issues for the European Engineering Industries Orgalime 02 Feb 2010 Transport
Electra: CNN World Report highlights relevance of European electrical engineering and electronics industries Orgalime 08 Sep 2008 Climate & Environment
Electra - our ticket to 2020 Orgalime 25 Jun 2008 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society, Competition
Cross border European accreditation in practice Orgalime 05 Mar 2009 Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
Cross border European accreditation in practice Orgalime 05 Mar 2009
Council to make Energy Efficiency Directive less efficient! Orgalime 25 May 2012 Energy
Confidence up: will expectations become reality? Orgalime 29 Oct 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Innovation & Enterprise



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