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GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe

Press Releases of this organisation

ACER confirms Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) as Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM) under REMIT GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe 19 Feb 2016 Energy, InfoSociety
GIE welcomes Energy Security Package GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe 16 Feb 2016 Energy, Security
GSE announces new improvements of the storage transparency initiative - Naftogaz of Ukraine joins Gas Storage Inventory (AGSI+) GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe 05 May 2014 Energy
The situation in Ukraine: Information from gas infrastructure operators in Europe GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe 11 Mar 2014 Energy
European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas publishes its Capacity Map 2013 and, in cooperation with GIE, also the System Development Map 2012 GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe 24 Jul 2013 Energy, Sustainable Dev., Trade & Society
GLE elects Wim Groenendijk as GLE President GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe 10 Jul 2013 Energy
GSE elects Nicole Otterberg GSE President GSE will further boost its transparency initiative GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe 24 Jun 2013 Energy, EU Priorities 2020, Public Affairs
GIE calls the EU institutions to develop a Roadmap 2050 for gas and gas infrastructure GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe 23 May 2013 Energy, Innovation & Enterprise
GIE publishes its investment survey on the occasion of its 10th Anniversary GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe 13 Dec 2012 Energy
European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas in cooperation with Gas Infrastructure Europe launches the System Development Map edition GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe 08 Oct 2012 Energy
Gas Infrastructure Operators welcome the legal proposal on energy infrastructure guidelines from the European Commission but call for policy makers not to stop there GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe 19 Oct 2011 Energy
European Gas Infrastructure Industry emphasises challenges and opportunities in building the appropriate gas infrastructure for the future energy mix GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe 23 Jun 2011 Energy
GSE statement on the role of commercial storage in times of supply disruption GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe 04 Feb 2009



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