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Press Releases of this organisation

New EU Digital Tax Proposal Raises New Concerns, Broad Support For Global Reform CCIA 04 Dec 2018 Euro & Finance
EU Terrorist Content Proposal, Good Intentions But Risks To Online Rights And Europe’s Tech Sector CCIA 12 Sep 2018 Health & Consumers, InfoSociety
CCIA Regrets EU Copyright Vote, Calls For A Balanced Outcome in Final Negotiations CCIA 12 Sep 2018 InfoSociety
European Commission Proposes New Regulation On Platform-to-Business Relations CCIA 26 Apr 2018 Innovation & Enterprise
CCIA Welcomes EU’s Positive Approach to Artificial Intelligence CCIA 25 Apr 2018 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
CCIA Welcomes Objectives of EU E-Evidence Proposals, Encourages Further Improvements CCIA 17 Apr 2018 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
European High Court Issues Ruling On Uber Case Expected To Impact Digital Single Market CCIA 20 Dec 2017 InfoSociety, Transport
CCIA Tech Industry Delegation Meets Incoming Bulgarian EU Presidency CCIA 19 Oct 2017 InfoSociety
Publication of a CCIA Research Paper on Value Growth and the Music Industry CCIA 18 Oct 2017 InfoSociety, Languages & Culture
European Commission releases Copyright and Telecom rules: end of Europe’s digital single market ambitions? CCIA 15 Sep 2016 InfoSociety, Trade & Society
European Parliament Adopts Digital Single Market Report: positive report shows direction European Union must take CCIA 19 Jan 2016 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
CCIA’s Response To European Court of Justice Online Privacy Ruling CCIA 14 May 2014 InfoSociety
CCIA Welcomes Robust Open Internet Rules Approved by European Parliament CCIA 03 Apr 2014 InfoSociety
The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) and the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA) encourage the European Parliament to support Net Neutrality in tomorrow’s vote. CCIA 02 Apr 2014 InfoSociety
Tech Industry Praises Liberation of Internet Governance Functions from U.S.G. CCIA 17 Mar 2014 InfoSociety
CCIA Deeply Concerned by Turkish Government Threat to Block Internet Services, Social Media CCIA 11 Mar 2014 InfoSociety
Technology Industry Outraged At Webcam Spying Revelations CCIA 11 Mar 2014 InfoSociety
Hyperlinking Remains Legal in the EU - A Win for Internet Users and the Digital Economy CCIA 13 Feb 2014 InfoSociety
Commission Policy on Internet Governance Guarantees Support for Free Global Internet, But Leaves Many Questions Unanswered CCIA 13 Feb 2014 InfoSociety


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Forum CTEP GmbH
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Intercultural Dialogue Platform
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Intercultural Dialogue Platform
Social Media & Graphics Intern (Paid Internship)
Researcher position in Communication Technologies Division - SMARTECH Department
One Policy Place (OPP)
Policy Analyst - EU Finance Policy
INEA - Innovation and Networks Executive Agency
PROJECT OFFICER Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation - Transport
Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly
EU support officer
European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)
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