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European Parliament says no to consumer communication about nutrition changes to foods FoodDrinkEurope 02 Feb 2012 Agriculture & Food, Health & Consumers
Food operators: Negative vote from ENVI Committee MEPs on revised Nutrition Claims list is bad for consumers and for business FoodDrinkEurope 01 Feb 2012 Agriculture & Food
European Social Partners EFFAT and FoodDrinkEurope launch European Social Dialogue in the Food and Drink Industry FoodDrinkEurope 23 Jan 2012 Agriculture & Food
Time to tackle food wastage: FoodDrinkEurope welcomes EU Parliament report FoodDrinkEurope 20 Jan 2012 Agriculture & Food
EU promotion policy central to the food industry’s competitiveness FoodDrinkEurope 16 Dec 2011 Agriculture & Food
Communicating environmental performance to strengthen sustainability and the long-term competitiveness of Europe's food chain FoodDrinkEurope 08 Dec 2011 Agriculture & Food
Food industry calls for a stronger Europe, and a strong Single Market, to boost its competitiveness FoodDrinkEurope 06 Dec 2011 Competition, Agriculture & Food
FoodDrinkEurope position on additional, discriminatory taxation on food & drinks FoodDrinkEurope 06 Dec 2011 Health & Consumers, Agriculture & Food
Horizon 2020: FoodDrinkEurope calls for a more innovation friendly environment in Europe FoodDrinkEurope 30 Nov 2011 Agriculture & Food
Food industry urges policymakers to reinvent Europe through innovation FoodDrinkEurope 24 Nov 2011 Agriculture & Food
Harmonisation on food additives is good news for food industry FoodDrinkEurope 14 Nov 2011 Agriculture & Food
Food manufacturers continue Stakeholder Dialogue to address criticism of secrecy over nanotech FoodDrinkEurope 10 Oct 2011 Agriculture & Food
FoodDrinkEurope updates industry-wide Toolbox to help manufacturers further mitigate Acrylamide FoodDrinkEurope 04 Oct 2011 Health & Consumers, Agriculture & Food, Climate & Environment
FoodDrinkEurope welcomes the Council’s green light for the Regulation on food information to consumers FoodDrinkEurope 29 Sep 2011 Health & Consumers
FoodDrinkEurope welcomes the European Parliament’s call for “a more efficient and fairer retail market” FoodDrinkEurope 07 Jul 2011 Agriculture & Food
CIAA regrets the failure to reach an agreement on Novel Foods FoodDrinkEurope 30 Mar 2011 Agriculture & Food
CIAA welcomes Parliament consent on EU-South Korea FTA FoodDrinkEurope 17 Feb 2011 Agriculture & Food, Health & Consumers
Europe’s food and drink industry welcomes the EU’s Innovation Strategy Communication, a flagship 2020 initiative designed to stimulate competitiveness and growth across the EU. FoodDrinkEurope 08 Oct 2010 Agriculture & Food, Health & Consumers
EU food and drink industry’s statement on the CAP after 2013 in view of the Informal Farm Council on 19‐21 September 2010 FoodDrinkEurope 21 Sep 2010 Agriculture & Food
CIAA welcomes new EU High Level Forum to drive food chain competitiveness FoodDrinkEurope 19 Aug 2010 Agriculture & Food, Health & Consumers
Manufacturers welcome positive vote to empower consumers to make more informed food choices FoodDrinkEurope 17 Jun 2010 Agriculture & Food, Health & Consumers
Forging Europe’s competitiveness through the Agri-food industry FoodDrinkEurope 10 Jun 2010 EU Priorities 2020, Agriculture & Food
Industry increases commitment in the promotion of healthy lifestyles FoodDrinkEurope 06 May 2010 Agriculture & Food, Health & Consumers
CIAA publishes its ‘Data & trends of the European Food and Drink Industry 2009’ FoodDrinkEurope 19 Apr 2010 Health & Consumers, Agriculture & Food
Food manufacturers welcome meeting with EFSA as positive step FoodDrinkEurope 16 Apr 2010 Agriculture & Food, Health & Consumers
CIAA celebrates five years of boosting research for competitiveness FoodDrinkEurope 03 Mar 2010 Agriculture & Food
CIAA priorities on the CAP after 2013 FoodDrinkEurope 24 Feb 2010 Agriculture & Food, Health & Consumers
The CIAA (Confederation of the food and drink industries of the EU) view on EC Communication: “A better functioning of the food supply chain in Europe” FoodDrinkEurope 05 Feb 2010 Agriculture & Food
EU food and drink manufacturers welcome FSAI findings on portion size information FoodDrinkEurope 04 Dec 2009 Agriculture & Food
CIAA messages in view of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen FoodDrinkEurope 26 Nov 2009 Health & Consumers, Agriculture & Food



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