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Retailers and wholesalers are creating solutions for the energy transition EuroCommerce 14 Feb 2023 Energy
Payments package: Commission proposal on interchange will allow retailers to pass savings on to consumers EuroCommerce 24 Jul 2013 Euro & Finance, Health & Consumers, Trade & Society
Fluorinated greenhouse gases: EP Environment committee deadlines are unrealistic EuroCommerce 19 Jun 2013 Climate & Environment, Sustainable Dev.
MIF regulation would benefit businesses and consumers across the EU EuroCommerce 18 Jun 2013 Health & Consumers, Innovation & Enterprise
Collective redress shows some balance for commerce and consumers EuroCommerce 12 Jun 2013 Health & Consumers, Trade & Society
Visa concessions on card fees: a step in the right direction EuroCommerce 14 May 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance, Trade & Society
Retail looks forward to basic electronic payments for all EU citizens EuroCommerce 08 May 2013 Trade & Society
Official controls: cooperation with business is the key to success EuroCommerce 07 May 2013 Agriculture & Food, Trade & Society
EU Trade Defence Modernisation: Importers’ perspective key for balanced results EuroCommerce 10 Apr 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
Merchants applaud further Commission action on card fees EuroCommerce 09 Apr 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
EuroCommerce supports a voluntary approach to measure the environmental footprint of products and organisations EuroCommerce 09 Apr 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Sustainable Dev., Trade & Society
EuroCommerce President Dame Lucy Neville-Rolfe addresses the Forum for Agriculture conference 2013 EuroCommerce 06 Mar 2013 Agriculture & Food, Trade & Society
EuroCommerce supports ambitious EU-US trade deal EuroCommerce 15 Feb 2013 Euro & Finance, Global Europe, Trade & Society
More retailers sign up to agreement in bid to help tackle waste EuroCommerce 04 Feb 2013 Euro & Finance, Sustainable Dev., Trade & Society
The time is right for a European Retail Action Plan, but not for regulatory measures on trading practices EuroCommerce 31 Jan 2013 Euro & Finance, Trade & Society
Retail welcomes Commission’s preference for a voluntary approach on B2B trading practices EuroCommerce 07 Dec 2012 Agriculture & Food, Trade & Society
EuroCommerce welcomes Commission strategy on skills for the future EuroCommerce 21 Nov 2012 Education, EU Priorities 2020, Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
Retail/wholesale responsibility in field of explosives precursors: the wrong way to combat terrorism EuroCommerce 20 Nov 2012 Global Europe, Trade & Society
Anti-dumping duties wrongly imposed on ceramic tableware and kitchenware EuroCommerce 15 Nov 2012 Trade & Society
Commerce committed to action on F-gases, but warns of challenges ahead EuroCommerce 07 Nov 2012 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev., Trade & Society
Preferential tariffs for imports from developing countries: An example of good practice in setting trade policy EuroCommerce 31 Oct 2012 Trade & Society
SMEs need international business opportunities to be competitive European Parliament identifies necessary action EuroCommerce 23 Oct 2012 Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise
20 years Single Market - EuroCommerce congratulates the European Union on this milestone but a lot remains to be done EuroCommerce 15 Oct 2012 Trade & Society, EU Priorities 2020
Commerce applauds recognition of the European Union in the quest for peace EuroCommerce 15 Oct 2012 Global Europe
First SME Day for commerce - EuroCommerce calls for “six SME essentials” for growth EuroCommerce 10 Oct 2012 Innovation & Enterprise
European retail steps up the fight against waste in drive to green the economy EuroCommerce 09 Oct 2012 Sustainable Dev.
EuroCommerce wants more focus on Single Market implementation EuroCommerce 03 Oct 2012 Euro & Finance
EuroCommerce welcomes Parliament’s support for consistency in the proposed reform of the CMO in fishery and aquaculture products EuroCommerce 12 Sep 2012 Agriculture & Food
Retail supports system of implementation of principles of good practice in business-to-business relations EuroCommerce 09 Jul 2012 Competition
European Court vindicates ban on anti-competitive card fees EuroCommerce 24 May 2012 Competition



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