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Company Description

Euractiv is a bridge between media organisations in more than 12 European capitals, specialised in EU policies and related national politics. We publish online in more than 12 languages. Our headquarters is in Brussels.

We are pro-European, critical and constructive. We are independent and transparent in our reporting as well as in our business with our diversified business model.

Euractiv also offers a wide variety of services in order to support EU stakeholders in their communication strategy and reputation building.







Press Releases of this organisation

Europe’s cities and regions: Engines for ‘green growth’? Euractiv 08 Oct 2009 EU Priorities 2020
Europe’s cities and regions: Engines for ‘green growth’? Euractiv 09 Oct 2009 Competition, EU Priorities 2020
EUX.TV celebrates 5th anniversary & more than 14 million page views Euractiv 15 Sep 2011 InfoSociety
EUX.TV célèbre son cinquième anniversaire et plus de 14 millions de visites Euractiv 15 Sep 2011 InfoSociety
EUX.TV surpasses 10 million views on YouTube Euractiv 24 Jan 2011 EU Priorities 2020, InfoSociety, Public Affairs
First public debate with top candidates for European elections Euractiv 13 Mar 2014
Fondation EurActiv announces national award winners Euractiv 01 Oct 2009 EU Priorities 2020
Fondation EurActiv Award winners announced Euractiv 17 Nov 2009 EU Priorities 2020
Fondation EurActiv PoliTech erweitert EU-Journalisten-Trainingsprogramm mit der Robert Bosch Stiftung Euractiv 22 Dec 2011 Education, EU Priorities 2020
Fondation EurActiv PoliTech expands EU journalist fellowship scheme with Robert Bosch Stiftung Euractiv 22 Dec 2011 Education, EU Priorities 2020
Fondation EurActiv: new name and upgrade to public service status Euractiv 11 May 2012 InfoSociety
French EU Presidency: EurActiv special coverage ahead of France’s takeover at the head of the EU Euractiv 09 Jun 2008 Public Affairs, Trade & Society, Justice & Home Affairs, Sustainable Dev., Enlargement, Agriculture & Food, Global Europe, Languages & Culture, Security, EU Priorities 2020
German Industry & Civil Society agree: EU-disintegration is not an option Euractiv 30 Sep 2011 InfoSociety, EU Priorities 2020
Glücksspiel in Deutschland: Experte dringt auf umfassende Neugestaltung der Regulierung Euractiv 18 Nov 2016 Health & Consumers
Harmonising payment services in Europe Euractiv 21 Jan 2010 Euro & Finance, EU Priorities 2020
Implementing the Lisbon Treaty ‘Special Week’ coverage Euractiv 27 Nov 2009 EU Priorities 2020
Improved free Press Release Service for EU journalists launched by EurActiv Euractiv 24 Aug 2010 EU Priorities 2020, Public Affairs
In eigener Sache: Seminar von EurActiv und Robert Bosch Stiftung Euractiv 09 May 2012
La Fondation EurActiv change de nom et est reconnue d’utilité publique Euractiv 11 May 2012 InfoSociety
La Fondation EurActiv PoliTech renforce son programme de bourse pour les journalistes européens avec la Robert Bosch Stiftung Euractiv 22 Dec 2011 Education, EU Priorities 2020
Lancement d'INITIATIVE.EU - Une communauté en ligne pour fédérer les parties prenantes souhaitant déposer une Initiative citoyenne européenne (ICE) Euractiv 26 Jan 2012
Le Réseau EurActiv devient partenaire de Class Editori en Italie et Agencia EFE en Espagne Euractiv 28 Jan 2016 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise, Languages & Culture
Le rôle de l'Italie est essentiel pour sortir de la crise, selon Emma Bonino, Mario Monti et Antonio Tajani Euractiv 18 Oct 2011 Euro & Finance
Leading consultancies sharing their expertise to the Brussels Market: EURACTIV launches its 8th edition of the Yellow Academy! Euractiv 15 Dec 2017
Les prix de l'e-Administration et de l'e-Démocratie remportés par une blogueuse Tunisienne et la Citizens Foundation Euractiv 14 Oct 2011 InfoSociety
L’incertitude dans la zone euro au cœur d'un débat organisé par EurActiv Euractiv 09 Mar 2012 Euro & Finance
Media freedom and EU coverage: related challenges? Euractiv 09 Mar 2011 InfoSociety, Public Affairs
Medienfreiheit und EU-Medienberichterstattung: verbundene Herausforderungen? Euractiv 10 Mar 2011 EU Priorities 2020
New EURACTIV Survey confirms the challenges and trends faced by EU trade associations in influencing policy making Euractiv 06 Oct 2021 Trade & Society



EuropeActive (European Register of Exercise Professionals)
EREPS Administrator/Coordinator
EBF (the European Banking Federation)
Project & Events Officer
European Partnership for Democracy
Policy Coordinator
DS Media Team GmbH – Gesellschaft für Personalmarketing
Head of (m/f/t) Political Communication Brussels
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Support Officer Student and Staff Mobility
The European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA)
Web and Content Creation Intern