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Company Description

CLEPA is the European umbrella membership organization representing the interests of the global automotive supply industry. More than 109 of the world's most prominent suppliers for car parts, systems and modules and 25 National trade associations are members of CLEPA. Based in Brussels, Belgium, CLEPA is recognized as the natural discussion partner by the European Institutions and United Nations.

Press Releases of this organisation

Trilateral meeting in Detroit boosts automotive business CLEPA 21 Jan 2014 Transport
The Europe, Japan, US Supplier Alliance takes off CLEPA 23 Apr 2013 Trade & Society, Transport
The business model of integration and coordination CLEPA 27 Jun 2018 Transport
Technology neutrality is key in decarbonising transport, also when it comes to battery technology CLEPA 24 May 2018 Transport
Sustainable mobility: A key priority for the European Automotive Industry CLEPA 18 Mar 2016 Sustainable Dev., Transport
Statement CLEPA CEO Jean-Marc Gales on EP ENVI CO2 Vote CLEPA 25 Apr 2013 Climate & Environment, Sustainable Dev.
Statement CLEPA CEO Jean-Marc Gales on EP ENVI CO2 Vans Vote CLEPA 08 May 2013 Climate & Environment, Transport
Sixt and CLEPA work on future mobility CLEPA 16 Apr 2014 Transport
Shifting up a gear for competitiveness and sustainable growth CLEPA 06 Jun 2012 Transport
Roberto Vavassori begins term as new CLEPA President CLEPA 05 Jan 2016 Transport
Response to the European Commission report on Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation (EC) No 1400/2002 CLEPA 16 Sep 2008 Transport, Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
Remanufacturing Associations Agree on International Industry Definition CLEPA 13 Sep 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev.
Real Driving Emissions CLEPA 03 Feb 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Transport, Climate & Environment
New CO2 legislation for cars: Spanish automotive suppliers showcase importance of technology neutrality to reduce emissions as well as maintain strong industry in Europe CLEPA 10 Jan 2018 Sustainable Dev., Transport, Climate & Environment
New CO2 legislation for cars: Polish automotive suppliers highlight strong industrial footprint in pursuit of decarbonising road transport CLEPA 25 Apr 2018 Transport, Climate & Environment
Net-zero emissions in 2050 requires integrated vision for safe, sustainable and smart mobility CLEPA 28 Nov 2018 Climate & Environment
Joint Statement by CLEPA, JAPIA, and MEMA CLEPA 01 Apr 2008 Trade & Society
Joint Press Note: Automotive and telecoms sectors to launch EU project for connected and automated driving CLEPA 07 Jul 2016 InfoSociety, Transport
JAMA-CLEPA Business Summit 2016 celebrates EU-Japan relations CLEPA 28 Oct 2016 Global Europe, Trade & Society
Innovative Leaders for the Automotive Supply Industry CLEPA 07 Jun 2013 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
Innovation to create growth and employment CLEPA 22 Oct 2012 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
Innovation is key to preserve Europe´s leadership in the mobility sector CLEPA 06 Dec 2018 Innovation & Enterprise
iMobility Challenge: Latest vehicle technologies need smart deployment to benefit society CLEPA 19 Mar 2014 Transport
Forum on Electro-Mobility CLEPA 29 Jun 2010 Transport
Excellence Awards for high performing automotive suppliers CLEPA 17 Jul 2013 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society, Transport
European Truck Platooning Challenge a success CLEPA 07 Apr 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Transport
European Commission confirms 2020 emission targets for cars and vans CLEPA 13 Jul 2012 Climate & Environment, Transport
European automotive suppliers urge legislator to opt for ‘European way’ in reducing CO2 emissions from cars and light-duty vehicles CLEPA 08 Nov 2017 Transport, Climate & Environment
European automotive suppliers accelerate innovation; Safe, sustainable and smart mobility trends are increasingly linked CLEPA 25 Apr 2017 InfoSociety, Transport
European Automotive Industry Response to Brexit CLEPA 20 Dec 2016 Transport, UK in Europe



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