13 Aug 2012



The European Paralympic Committee (EPC) today announced to their members that they will be holding a special reception on 5th September 2012 to showcase the outcomes of the EPC Youth Games 2012 during the Paralympic Games in London. 

Between 20th - 24th June 2012 Brno, Czech Republic hosted the first European Paralympic Committee Youth Games, which saw 350 participants from 14 countries take part in ranging from established sports such as Swimming, Athletics and Table Tennis through to breakthrough disciplines such as RaceRunning.

The event, funded by the European Commission and supported by the Emil Foundation provided athletes with a disability aged between 14-20 with the opportunity to compete in their sport of choice in a four day, multi level programme which made room for participation alongside competitio

Sports featured during the EPC Youth Games 2012 included Swimming, Athletics, Boccia, Table Tennis, RaceRunning, Sailing and Wheelchair Rugby. Alongside competition, the programme included educational workshops and seminars for the athletes to attend, covering topics such as Media Training and providing insights into the world of professional athletics with speakers including Paralympic Hall of Fame inductee Connie Hansen. 

EPC President John Petersson described the games as being the foundations from which the organisation could build on. “The EPC Youth Games have provided us with momentum, a focal point from which the EPC can work to impact on our main objectives of improving the lives of young people with a disability throughout Europe by providing them with the opportunity to take part, to compete, to showcase their abilities, to socialise, to have fun. We’re delighted we can be in London and look forward to sharing the success of the Youth Games with everybody.”

In this Olympic and Paralympic year a real sense of excitement was created by the announcement of the ‘Best of the Best’ competition which will see the EPC selected best male and female athletes from the EPC Youth Games 2012 attending the Paralympic Games in London at the start of September. National delegations will select one member of their team to be considered for the prize with the EPC expected to announce their decision in the coming weeks.

The event itself was officially closed at the closing ceremony in the Main Square of Brno, however at a time when Paralympic sport is more visible than ever the work for the EPC begins now to capitalise on the momentum created by this event and provides the disability sports sector with the opportunity to work together to positively impact on the lives of young people throughout Europe.

The EPC reception will be held at the Austrian House, based at Trinity House, Tower Hill on the 5th September, starting at 16.00 and will include addresses from the EPC President, the presentation of the Best of the Best Athletes and a showcasing of the EPC Youth Games 2012 event. 



- Austrian House, Trinity House, Tower Hill

- 5th September, 16.00

- Presentation of EPC Superheroes

- Presentation of Best of the Best Award 

THE EUROPEAN PARALYMPIC COMMITTEE (www.europaralympic.org)  

The European Paralympic Committee (EPC) s a non for profit organisation registered in Vienna, Austria. The EPC aims to provide sports programs and initiatives for persons with a disability in order to increase sports participation rates throughout European communities including those in less economically affluent zones and minority groups.

EPC PRESIDENT: John Petersson 

- 15 Paralympic medals in swimming  during five Paralympic Games from 1984-2000

- Vice President of the National Paralympic Committee Denmark

- President of the EPC since 2009


- 20th - 24th June 2012, Brno, Czech Republic

- Funded by the European Commission and supported by the Emil Foundation

- 350 participants from 14 countries represented

- Events included Swimming, Athletics, Boccia, Table Tennis, RaceRunning, Sailing and Wheelchair Rugby

- Best of the Best competition: best male and female athlete from the Games as selected by the EPC will attend the Paralympics in London.

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