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White Paper acknowledges lightweighting as a main driver for sustainable transport


01 Apr 2011


Sustainable Dev.

Brussels, 28 March 2011 – The European Aluminium Association (EAA) welcomes today’s call for lighter and more efficient vehicles in the Commission’s White Paper on Transport and strongly supports the promotion of light-weighting as part of the EU’s strategy towards more sustainable transport by 2020. 

“Lighter vehicles are key to reducing CO2 emissions and improving passenger safety” said Patrick de Schrynmakers, EAA’s Secretary General. “Reducing the weight of vehicles by using aluminium is the most straightforward way to reach one of the essential objectives of the White Paper, namely more sustainable transport.”

Aluminium can significantly lower the total weight of a vehicle. The total weight can be reduced up to one third and car bodies alone by 40%, thereby drastically lowering CO2 emissions.

“The challenge is now to effectively transpose the light-weighting principle in tomorrow’s legislation”, continued Patrick de Schrynmakers. “So far decision-makers have focused on improving the efficiency of engines to reduce emissions. We are confident however that they will soon fully recognise the importance of other existing solutions such as lightweighting to make cars more energy efficient.”

Aluminium also has unique energy absorbing characteristics which help reduce impact in case of an accident. Improving the passive safety of vehicle is a crucial aspect of achieving another essential objective of the White Paper: safer transport.

“In recent years the focus has been very much on developing intelligent systems to increase safety,” Mr de Schrynmakers concluded. “Now, however, we cannot lose the focus on the passive safety of a vehicle. It is of paramount importance to continue to improve technology in order to reduce the severity and consequences of unavoidable accidents. This can be achieved through the increased use of aluminium in today’s vehicles.”

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