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Welcoming Member States' positive signal for tackling deforestation and stepping up market transformation


17 Dec 2019


Agriculture & Food
Climate & Environment

FEDIOL, representing the European vegetable oil and protein meal industry, welcomes the adoption by the Council of the European Union of its conclusions on the “Communication on Stepping Up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s Forests”.

In the framework of the European Green Deal, the Council endorses the approach taken by the Commission in its Communication, covering five priority areas, and underlines the support by Member States to a joint work in implementing the proposed actions, which should also involve industry, organisations, civil society and partner countries.

Addressing the different direct and indirect drivers of deforestation and forest degradation begins with the application of clear definitions and concepts, as the Council highlights.

As there is certainly need to harmonise and enhance EU action to ensure sustainable and deforestation-free value chains, the partnership approach with producer countries and the need for increased support and enhanced action is clearly underlined.

FEDIOL also welcomes the recognition of the experiences of private sector initiatives in achieving sustainable supply chains.

In this sense, our sector has been extensively engaged over the last years in initiatives aimed at removing products at risk of causing deforestation from its supply chains. Our companies have made sourcing commitments in an effort to contribute to mainstream market transformation for responsibly produced oilseeds and derived products, both from imported and home-grown origin.

Today’s Council conclusions provide a clear mandate for the Commission to assess the feasibility of regulatory and non-regulatory measures, to come up with a clear proposal, and also to establish a solution-oriented multi-stakeholder platform involving governments, private sector, civil society and other relevant stakeholders.

FEDIOL is committed to share its experience and to contribute effectively to the forthcoming discussions in cooperation with other relevant players.


For further information, please contact Nathalie Lecocq, FEDIOL Director General, at, +32 2 771 53 30


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