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We believe in Europe more than ever #StandWithUkraine


02 Mar 2022


Global Europe

The war in Ukraine is raging and we have several member cities in that country. In the last few days, we have been checking on our partners. After the shock, it is anger and determination that we hear in their testimonies. Energy Cities’ Board of Directors sent a message of support to its peers last Thursday.

Many of our member cities have asked us how to help

The most pressing needs expressed to us are protection equipment (helmets, waistcoats), which is already difficult to obtain in numbers. We have asked our partners which reliable associations to support. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

We also know that several of our member cities are already participating in this solidarity drive and are organising collections, particularly of medicines and protective equipment.

We will amplify the voices of Ukrainian cities and neighbouring cities that are hosting refugees

We are putting the cities in contact with journalists. Interviews are planned already today. We are doing everything we can to share their messages through the means of our network!

Here is a message from our member city Mariupol, which is currently experiencing a humanitarian disaster.

“The City of Mariupol needs urgent help.

As a result of the military aggression by Russia at 5.00am on February 24th, Ukrainian cities, towns and small communities are under constant artillery fire and air strikes from the Russian regular troops.

Mariupol, a peaceful Ukrainian city of 550,000 inhabitants that was already subject to the 2015 bombings by the Russian regular troops that killed 30 civilians, 7 years later is once again suffering from shelling and bombing by the same regular troops of the same Russia. Dozens of civilians have already been killed, including children. Thousands of residents of the city and surrounding communities have been evacuated.

We need your help.

Mariupol City Council has opened accounts to collect donations for the urgent humanitarian needs of the victims of the aggression from Russia.

Information for the collection and the use of funds will be provided on the city’s official Telegram channel The City Mayor will personally monitors the use of donations.”

The European Union’s response is clear

For the first time in its history, the EU will provide weapons and military equipment to a country at war, and has already activated numerous economic sanctions.

We are determined to keep democracy and decentralised cooperation alive, thanks to the members of our network. We #StandWithUkraine. We believe in Europe more than ever.

Claire, and all the Energy Cities’ team.


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