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VIPA International publishes video about Vacuum Insulation Panels in home appliances


25 Jul 2019


Sustainable Dev.

BRUSSELS, 23 July 2019 -- VIPA International publishes today a new video about the use and benefits of Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) in the household appliances segment:  

VIPs are an innovative insulation technology, used in a number of sectors to save energy and create space. Vacuum insulation panels have been used in home appliances for decades, mainly in refrigerators and freezers, but also in water boilers and warm water storage tanks. VIP technology offers considerable energy efficiency and extends the useable volume of the appliance up to 25% while reducing, at the same time, the energy consumption by around 25 to 30%. 
This video is part of the strategy of the association to raise awareness to vacuum insulation panels technology and to the numerous advantages it brings to the different applications where it is used, whether it's in buildings, transport or appliances: "we are pleased to launch this new video that shows how our technology can contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability which are top priorities for governments everywhere in the world. We invite everyone to share the video!" say the members of Digital Communications & Public Affairs Working Group of the association. 
Download press release here and visit our YouTube Channel here.
About VIPA International 
The Vacuum Insulation Panel Association (VIPA International) is a global trade association representing the interests of manufacturers of vacuum insulation panels as well as supply chain. The mission of the association is to act as the global voice of the vacuum insulation panel industry, promote quality and raise awareness of the potential to save space and energy costs and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in a wide range of applications and industries.ease here and visit our YouTube Channel here. 


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